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    It seems like the Arya storyline ended up on the backburner. They kind of forgot about it and weren't sure what to do with it, and they just sort of abruptly ended it. It didn't seem like she learned much or anything really came out of it. The quality of the writing has taken a noticeable dip this season. It's still better than most shows, but you can tell they're just winging it at this point because they are out of books to base the show on.
  2. RIP - Ramsay Bolton. Now cracks a noble heart. Goodnight sweet prince.

    Jon Snow deserved his ascension to badass. Sansa needs to die. She's all tough now in her safe space, but was a whimpering coward for 6 seasons. I don't buy her faux-toughness. They should've brought Arya back faster to do all the General Sansa bits this season. She has fought her way through the whole time.

    Daenarys will finally get her ships. I guess the end game will begin next season.
  3. lol, tapatalk is not your friend for this thread. direct spoiler shown in thread preview for supersonic's post if you had never turned off content previews in tapatalk settings. i'm not even mad though.. lotsa people are pretty clueless on the internet about not posting spoilers in subject lines of articles/videos. when i open up google now to read some articles, bam, it never fails. some useless blog online posts direct spoiler headlines.

    and then this shows up in my recommended list on my youtube homepage.


    i was doomed from the beginning.
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    The Ramsay death was satisfying. Just having Jon beat him to death wouldn't have been enough. I was glad he got fed to his own dogs.

    I also didn't find Sansa's transformation to a badass particularly believable. She's been nothing but a pathetic victim the entire run of the show. Why now did she suddenly decide to grow a spine? I guess because she has Jon to protect her?
  5. As good an actor as Iwan Rheon is I ended up with a smile on my face when Ramsey died.

    As for Sansa, I can kind of understand her new more vindictive personality. If you had spent the last 6 years seeing half of your family murdered and then get raped and abused by a psycho it would probably change your mentality too.
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    Yeah Iwan Rheon is a brilliant actor. Ramsay became the guy you loved to hate. Definitely one of the best TV show villains ever.

    If they ever remake A Clockwork Orange, Iwan Rheon would make the perfect Alex.
  7. That was quite an episode. I'm intrigued to see what they set next week; Cersei wrecking shit now she's cornered, white walkers coming over the wall, Daenarys heading back. Loads of possibilities.
  8. Cercei, queen of westeros, was/is still a badass, I lol'd at the shame scene. Of all the characters, she is the best player of the great game. It makes her eventual demise hard to swollen, as the likely victors all suck at the game of thrones. Tommen is punk bitch, I'm glad her kids are dead so she can cut loose and channel her inner Ramsay Bolton with impunity.

    So, Arya DID learn a few things and is back on track to finish her list. Pretty happy with how that turned out actually. Sansa is a grade A cunt, Jon should've thrown her off the side of the castle. She basically caused a massive body count and killed their giant because she withheld pertinent information. All because her feelings were hurt. She's already back to being a emo crybaby.

    Jon mothefucking Targaryen. As soon as I saw that Tower of Joy scene, I knew this was coming. He's the rightful heir to the 7 kingdoms as the only son of Rhegar Targaryen. I don't see Daenerys killing her nephew but not sure how they will make it work. With Margery dead, Dany has got to be the one who replaces Cercei. Unless Jon snow is the younger more beautiful person in the prophecy.
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    So Jon is both a Targaryen and a Stark. So he's both the rightful king in the north and the rightful heir to the seven kingdoms. I wonder how that will play out with his aunt Dany. They're family and they have common enemies, but both have a claim to the throne. It also makes more sense why the Lord of Light would resurrect him. He's not some insignificant bastard, but instead the rightful ruler of the world.

    So what's the story with Jon's parents? Was it rape? Did they run away together because they were in love?
  10. How do we know Jon is Targaryen? I must have missed that part.

  11. That line about don't tell Robert.
  12. lol i basically asked the same question when i just watched the finale just earlier. i totally forgot what the plot line was for that flashback and who the characters were other than that being ned stark. so a quick explanation for bfun, since i think he fell into the same downfall as me

    in the flashback that bran was seeing, younger ned stark was trying to rescue his sister, lyanna in the tower of joy. rhaegar targaryen (daenerys' older brother and was never a character shown in the tv series) was the one who abducted her. the events unfold and in the finale in bran's last flashback, you see ned reach lyanna and it's revealed that she's dying from the childbirth complications. ned holds the baby and lyanna whispers into ned's ear and all that is audible is "don't tell robert."

    the scene ends with the camera zoomed in and focused on the baby's eyes, then zooms out and it's revealed that it's jon snow.

    and that's how jon snow is of targaryan and stark lineage. rhaegar being his father and daenerys' brother makes her his aunt.
  13. Finally catching up on Season 7. They should make a revenge killing movie series starring Cercei. Her torture trolling of Illyra Sands is +9999 EXP. She should win GoT out of straight realism. The only one willing to do whatever it takes to win.

  14. wow.. just wow.. i just finished last sunday's beyond the wall episode... who knew that blizzard would call out this series of events 9 years prior..

  15. Dude... this plot makes no sense. Everyone's gone full retard this season because the writers needed a winght dragon. These flunkies casually stroll in 5 deep on an army of dead. On the slim chance they survive and capture one, so on an even slimmer chance Cersei allies with them? lol what?

    Such fail plan from Tyrion, I think he might be a triple agent and on Cersei's side.

    Arya and Sansa getting played by known manipulator Littlefinger is even more retarded.
  16. It's felt like they've been consulting with a team of Hollywood producers and writers recently. Clever twists and surprise doublecrosses have been replaced by spectacle. Ooohh, zombie dragon! I can't recall being thoroughly impressed since last season's finale.
  17. I'm not sure if Arya is being played or is playing along. My biggest Season 7 WTF is how fast people move around now. It's like someone finally figured out how to unlocked fast travel. They can go from Dragonstone to King's Landing in the morning and be back in time for lunch. You want to get from Dragonstone to the wall in 10 seconds? No problem. Meanwhile the Knight King is going around in circles or something.
  18. Wait till you see tonights...
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    Up until what happened last night, I also could not tell if that subplot was just very badly written, or if Arya and Sansa were playing along to set Littefinger up.

    It was an uneven season overall. The quality of the writing has dipped noticeably. It also felt very "Hollywood" with a focus on spectacle. There were times where I felt like I was watching a new Hobbit or Lord or the Rings movie rather than Game of Thrones. I'm not necessarily complaining, as the battle scenes were very cool to watch. But it definitely feels like a different show now than in the earlier seasons where they had the books to go off of.