Game of Thrones [Spoilers]

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  1. That actually would have made more sense than what they went with. She could have posed as part of the undead army and then struck at the right moment.
  2. The decent continues!

    Daenery's who has been the most efficient conqueror on the show for 7 years suddenly becomes stupid this season and blows out her entire army, friends, advisers, and has nobody left. The writers seem to be pushing a Sansa > Khaleesi motif this season. The historically stupid Sansa is suddenly so smart she's pulling strings while Dany inherits Sansa's galactic stupidity.

    Even more egregiously out of character was Cercei not instantly executing all her enemies at the "negotiation". Fucking lol. She's goddamn Cercei Lannister.

    It's as if Daenerys and Cercei want to put on a show for TV viewers they shouldn't know exist, instead of winning the iron throne!
  3. Mmm Starbucks.
  4. “The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake, Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea.”
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    Yeah that really stuck out as bad writing. Cersei is known for ruthlessly ambushing her enemies. In an earlier season she blew up a church full of people just to take out some rivals. She had a perfect opportunity during the negotiation and didn't use it which was very out of character.

    They also seem to be trying make Dany seem less likable and more cruel and irrational the last couple of seasons, and especially in this episode. Marching into battle without rest and getting a dragon and bunch of her people wiped out was uncharacteristically dumb.
  6. No. Cersie not trying to kill everyone makes sense. She wants them to attack to turn the people against Daenerys. If Daenerys army just waits, Cersie will lose. If Cersie attacks,Cersie loses.

    Daenerys becoming crazy is also normal. Insanity is a Targeryen family trait. It's probably caused by inbreeding and whatever connects them to dragons.

  7. lol Cercei suddenly gives a shit about what people think? She could've executed her way out of any inquires. Any of the houses that don't like her would've backed down in fear of the dragon slayer.

    Also, I don't think the show is doing a good job of showing Daenerys crazy in a mentally ill sort of way. She is making crazy stupid decisions but that isn't the same thing. It's also out of character.

    I guess it was really easy to make a great show from a great book. I never read the books and usually consider the book elitists pompous. But HBO is really showing its incompetence once they had to come up with their own material.
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    They ran out of material from the books after season 5. I think 6 was based on some outlines from the author. With 7 and 8 they have been completely on their own and it shows. This went from being one of the best written shows to something that now frequently feels like fanfiction.

    I know some of the Targaryens suffer from madness, but Dany's turn towards madness has been badly done. Like supersonic said, what we are seeing is more stupidity than madness, but she has been one of the smartest characters until now. It all seems out of character.
  9. Well, there are two spin-offs in the works so we can complain about how crappy it is for several more years.
  10. So is that 1 company of unsullied all Dany has left or are there other troops left somewhere else? Tyrion threatening to burn down the city came off as a bit ridiculous as the dragon is now useless with Cersei having ballistas, and all Dany seems to have left is about 50-100 men maybe.
  11. If they don't recover the show, I predict the first spin-off will bomb hard, and the rest will never make past development. With 2 episodes left it's not looking good. If this is the route they were gonna go they needed another season or started a season earlier.

    I think I had blinders on last season. It wasn't great but was just good enough. I feel like Season 8 is so bad it's causing me to go back and question even more stupid shit from the old seasons lol.

    Logically I agree. Her army is demolished. Her oldest trusted advisers are all dead. Now she's going to lash out and become the "mad queen". Nope. Not buying it. Also, she lost everything saving Winterfell, but nobody cares. They are pushing Sansa > Dany even though Sansa has been more useless than Bran this whole show.

    But putting logic aside. Dany will probably show up to King's Landing with a massive army out of nowhere.
  12. I’m thinking they’re going to go the route of the LotR movies where you have some deus ex machina thing where suddenly the good guys get massive reinforcements out of nowhere. I have no idea how that would happen though. Her whole army got wiped out between the battle at Winterfell and that ballista attack on her ships.
  13. Wasn't Dany banging the golden company general?
  14. One of those dragons must've laid some eggs by now.
  15. bran transforms into the new night king and raises all the dead in the war at kings landing and slaughters everyone, credits roll.
  16. Daenerys calls in the Crimson Dawn for reinforcements. Cercei manages to escape only to get trapped in a medeocre Saturday Night Live skit. Arya uses a spinoff move to spend next season searching for Jamie who is rumored to have killed Dr Kimble's wife. The hound survives the final battle but can say nothing but yarp for the rest of his life. People look at Bran and wonder if it's his fault.
  17. Bronn get the iron throne and we get a sitcom spin-off. I am confident my idea will be better than actual ending.
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    Ramsay is shat out by his dogs after they eat him. Through the power of brown magic, he is resurrected as an invincible dog poop monster called the Shit King who kills his enemies by farting on them and then takes a diarrhea dump on the iron throne. Before he can finish shitting, he is stabbed by Arya with a magical dagger of hardened exotic Taco Bell poop which is usually only available in a liquid form, thus fulfilling the prophecy that she would close the brown eye. Arya sits on the iron throne, but now it's all covered with poop and is basically a toilet. And this is the story of how toilets came to be called thrones.