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  1. ^ this scat story is looking better than the actual ending...

    Cercei died crying in a basement... What a waste. I expected her to go down like a boss. This week the iron fleet can't hit a dragon for shit while last week they had homing missiles.

    Danerys will almost certainly die next episode in some quick and convenient manner. Arya might sneak up and kill her dressed as a dragon. Jon will be king and everything will be just fine in westeros forever!.
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    Ballistas suddenly became useless, the dragon suddenly became a bigger more powerful superdragon, she gets a bunch of infantry seemingly out of nowhere. Pretty much the deus ex machina kind of thing we figured.

    I don't really have a problem with Dany becoming a mad queen and torching King's Landing. The potential for that was always there. She's always had a cruel and ruthless side that was kept in check by her advisors, and there was always the concern that she might end up like her father. They've been building it up hard the last two seasons, but it was there even back when they were still going based on the books. In a season where the characterizations have seemed off, this was actually pretty spot on and probably where the author was ultimately headed with her character. She has always surrounded herself with this conquering hero mythos and cult of personality. I think a lot of people in the audience bought into it too and ignored that she's actually a very flawed character.
    • The best thing this season is how they closed off the Hounds story. Damn near perfect.
    • Arya's story is also perfectly resolved. She should just ride off into the sunset.
    • The Jaime vs. Euron fight was good.
    • The mad Queen's dragon fire setting off the mad King's wildfire reserves from years ago was pretty symbolic.

    I know I'm going to hate the ending. Jon just doesn't have what it takes to rule westeros. It's feel good Hollywood, good guys win, crap. We've consistently been shown rulers needed BOTH political cunning and ruthlessness to maintain power. By that measure, the only people who had what it takes were Tywin, Cercei, Danerys, Olleyna Tyrell, and Stannis Baratheon.

    Danerys should've had Sonny as a consiglieri instead of Tyrion.

  3. Yeah the wildfire stockpiles going off around the city was pretty cool. I also really enjoyed the Hound vs Mountain battle.
  4. You know if they tied this battle into last weeks episode faster it would've helped with the mad queen transition. Like an immediate attack on kings landing after her dragon and missandei died.

    But the way they pulled it off is just so bad. She's had days/weeks to calm down. Takes the city. But goes crazy hearing bells? Lol.

    That's also giving a total pass on her respawning army and dothraki. Maybe Dany is the night king.
  5. Last weeks episode was one of the worst the show has ever had. They probably could have just left 3/4 of that on the cutting room floor and done one big episode with failed negotiations followed by an immediate attack and it would have been stronger.
  6. Seems very likely Arya is going to either assassinate Daenerys or attempt to assassinate her after dedicating so much time showing us Arya's tour through hell, which was courtesy of Daenerys' decision to burn the city around her. Either Jon Snow or Arya will need to take her out. Tyrion and Sansa might get roasted first. It would be pretty lame if both Stark sisters get roasted to provide Jon with the motivation to finally take out Daenerys, but I wouldn't be surprised at this point given how lame and predictable this season has been. I haven't been impressed with an episode since they blew up the Sept of Baelor.
  7. If Arya shows up next episode the writers are boxed into a corner. She either has to kill Daenrys or be executed for trying. Both of which kinda suck. She can't possibly kill both the Night King and Mad Queen? If she is going to be executed I could see Jon killing Dany with a very outside chance at Tyrion. But killing off Dany and Arya is just bad business for HBO too... The best ending for Arya is to ride off on that white horse and not look back.

    I feel like viewers put more thought into the story than people who get paid.
  8. The writing has been a real shit sandwich the last two seasons and I doubt the finale is going to redeem it. Maybe the biggest problem I have is how predictable it has all been. The last two seasons feel like fan service. Back when the show was still based on the books it was wildly unpredictable. Major and well liked characters could die suddenly and horribly. The good guys rarely won anything. Dany turning bad is about the only thing that sort of feels like the old show, but it could have been handled better.
  9. To be fair once the Jon Targaryen secret is out the line to the end was pretty linear. The Mad Queen is completely expected, so she can get out of the way for Jon. It's just the execution that has been FUBAR'd.

    Beyond Dany, they kinda ruined Cercei. No way she surrenders and runs away crying. She should've got the defiant death that Varys got instead. Ironically, Varys quickly descended into madness when he found out about Jon. Tried to poison Dany right away for no reason. Jaime's entire story line from S1-8 is basically DOA because of his final episode. What the fuck was the point of Bran? The entire 3 eyed raven story arc was to show off the Rhegar marrying Lyanna apparently. Sam figured that out without super powers. Hodor died for no reason holding that fucking door.

    So much fail in so little time. Which is really the problem. S8 should've been all about the long night. Then S9 could've been about Dany conquering Kings Landing. Would've been able to develop the story lines better.
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    The whole Night King/ Long Night thing just seems so anticlimactic in retrospect. Yeah shit got really bad during the Battle of Winterfell episode, but it was over with so quickly.

    I don't know what the point of the Bran storyline was. I thought he was going to be transformed into a powerful character, but he kinda doesn't do much. Maybe he will warg into the dragon in the last episode and that's how they'll deal with it?

    I suspect a lot of women watching the show are kinda pissed about what they did to Dany. She was my wife's favorite character, and she was not happy at all that they went that route.
  11. A people wonder why I stopped watching this not long after the 7th season started.
  12. At this point you might just want to wait for the author to finish the books, and read those instead. I'm sure they'll have a better ending.
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    ROFL. They built up the golden company so much and they became dragon bbq in about two seconds.
  14. So what happens if a dragon breaths fire on Jon Snow? Does he burn? Would the dragon even follow an order to do so? I'm also thinking Bran's whole story was stupid unless he comes in to the last episode and controls the dragon.
  15. Warging the dragon is about the only way I could see Bran redeeming himself. Such a useless character.
  16. LOL. It was not predictable. I’ll give them that.

    But holy shit... if everyone in Westeros grew a beard and became a lumberjack it would’ve been better.

    Still have a few minutes left to get worse.
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    At least Bran finally became useful, well sort of.

    Then they imply that he can warg into the dragon but don’t even show it.

    I guess the unsullied didn’t realize the Night’s Watch basically no longer exists. So Jon just got sent to live with the wildlings, which was what he wanted anyway.

    It could have been worse. It was mostly just mediocre and anticlimactic.
  18. Bran lost a kingdom in 10 seconds... to his even more useless sister. Fucking lolz. Good luck with the prequels HBO. I'm out!