Game of Thrones [Spoilers]

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    Anticlimactic pretty much describes it. Most everyone got a happy ending.

    He never had it. The North never submitted to any king. It also sounded like they had him and the city surrounded so there weren't many options.

    Looks like more garbage made it into the show.

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    This ending would have been fine for something like LotR. The problem is that this is not LotR. It’s a world filled with ruthless, murderous assholes and victims of the murderous assholes. That was what people always liked about it. It was fantasy but it felt like a real place.

    I'm not sure anyone was a good fit for the throne. Dany was too ruthless and would have just caused endless war. Jon was too naive and idealistic. He's perfect for fighting supernatural evil, but he's not a king. But Bran? Eh. If you want someone who's basically a figurehead. The guy just kind of zones out like some stoner bro most of the time.
  3. Exactly. This show is a about playing the game of thrones, where you win or you die. I expected a non-player win (Jon) to be the feel good Hollywood ending. But this was something else.... They basically went for representative democracy in Westeros. Except someone more ruthless will show up and conquer them quickly.

    Maybe even Sansa now that she unlocked her own respawning army skill. Jon's lineage pointless. Jaime was kind of redeemed by Brienne though. I wish Cercei took them all out in episode 4.

    Olenna Tyrell should've won the GoT. Best all around # for # player, imo.
  4. Exactly. It was implied that Westeros was moving more towards democratic rule. I think this was supposed to be kind of like the Magna Carta where the king let the people have more power. I don't know if a democracy would survive in this world though. Maybe in the short term because basically everyone has been defeated or had their armies depleted, but I don't know about long term.
  5. This is the first thing I thought of. WORLD PEACE!


    I'm watching CNBC recap the ratings and impact on HBO/WarnerMedia. But the anchors couldn't stop talking about how bad they thought the ending was lol.
  6. This was bloody awful. A lazy unstructured mess... sigh
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    Anyone looking for a Game of Thrones fix might want to give Vikings a go. The early seasons are really good. It's never as good as GoT at it's peak, but it's also never as bad as GoT in its last two seasons.

    Also Kat Winnick is super hot.
  8. She would have been a superb choice for Captain Marvel/ Carol Danvers. I don't think I've seen anyone who looks more like her naturally. Even in the Lagertha getup she looks like someone commissioned a comic artist to draw her as a superhero.

  9. Stannis Baratheon, first of his name, king of the grammer and protector of linguistics has a decent show call The Tunnel. It's free on Amazon prime and maybe Netflix.
  10. Wrote the script in like 6 days. Lol

    They probably did. The writing was so bad.
  11. HBO is paying Youtube to push their prequel upon me. But I haven’t forgotten this epic waste of my time. I won’t watch it but I will download and superseed it.
  12. I think it is free of the previous series' writers since those guys dipped out quick to chase the money trail for other projects. I'd into it without expectations of it being related to the old one quality-wise
  13. I want to go to that timeline. Lagertha as a captain marvel without the whatever it was but still packing the heat.