Gaming: As you Grow Older.

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  1. As a young child and young teenager, gamers thoughts were that they would never grow out or stop gaming once they reach adulthood and beyond. But it has happened to a few people. I was one of these people as I grew up. I have been a heavy gamer since my first dabble with the Commodore 64 when I was 4, and I have been a big time gamer since then, even now. I do have times when I go through a phase of not playing that much, but in the end I always come back to my habits. I do know deep down I will be one of these people who will always game and be a gamer.

    The topic of this thread is to see which side you are on, and whether you think people will slowly stop gaming as they grow older?

  2. I have slowed down in my gaming quite a bit due to time allocation issues. BUT, it has made me extremely picky with games, and I pretty much only end up playing the best of the best. Some over-hyped POS games get through though, as I played Alan Wake for waaaay too long last year.

    Overall, I still game, just extremely choosy about it. Nowadays, it's usually the latest multiplayer FPS, or adventure/action plat-former. RPG's have been hit the hardest, as I was huge in JRPG's up until maybe 4-5 years ago. Alas, I just can't spare 60 hours for one game now.
  3. I thought I'd grow out of it but I haven't. It's pretty much the only thing I'm really passionate about. I don't really watch TV at all, I just game. It's more entertaining and more engaging. Win.
  4. Yup. Time is the biggest issue and I only play the best now. I only get about 90 minutes a day to do personal entertainment stuff.
  5. I have lots of time to game, but lately I have not been playing as much as I could have. Maybe I am just going through a phase, but I am definitely not bored with gaming.
  6. I play much less then I used to. Also the types of games has changed. When this gen of consoles came out and every game was trying to be a open world GTA game I just couldn't get into games at all. I really hate when the industry takes a "mee too" approach and seemingly follows a checklist to ensure they include all the features and design aspects of other recent popular games when they design theirs.

    I still appreciate the unique and fresh games just as much as I used to, and these are the ones I aim to devote most of my time to.
  7. Agreed,

    Time. But then again, I also don't watch tv that much. My wife loves watching tv. I only watch certain series.

    I believe I will always game. At this point we have all the current consoles, but also all the previous ones. The weird thing is, my wife did buy the Wii, PS3 and Xbox360.
    I use them the most. :p
  8. I only watch TV when I eat. I might watch it if someone else is but I'd rather spend my time on the Internet, reading, or gaming.
  9. I don't have as much time, so I've gotten more careful about what I buy. I also have such a back catalog of games I intend to play that I'm fine with waiting a year or so for games to get really cheap.
  10. I game when I wanna, when I don't wanna any more I won't.

    Truthfully that's only my current point of view. I used to want to think I was a big gamer... when I was a n00b. I've since shed that title, not by becoming a big gamer, but by sheding the games that simply don't interest me. I no longer game for the sake of gaming. I do it cuz I want to.

    I lie since I have a stack of games to play from every genre there is. But I could quit tomorrow if I WANTED TO!! Really.
  11. Regarding my comment of having enough time and not gaming much, I think that my gaming play time is on some sort of retarded and weird loop. I went through a patch of having a lot of time to play my games, but I did not feel compelled to play much. In the last couple of weeks that has changed once again. I have been playing a lot, and with a rich game diversity too. Perhaps this is just a random occurrence as I love gaming. Always have and always will.

    Perhaps this is just a pert of growing older, or maybe down to how everyone feels or maybe just depending on the game itself.
  12. I've found that I've become more choosy over time. So many games seem to be clones of each other, especially the endless influx of first-person shooters. I like some of the shooters, but I think the market is flooded. I find that I have bought most of the top shooters but have actually spent my time mostly playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 over the past year.

    I also used to play lots of JRPGs back in the SNES and PS2 days, but I think the another big problem fans of these types of games in addition to limited time is that most of the current generation JRPGs range from mediocre to bad. FF XIII was a massive letdown for me, especially compared to fantastic JRPGs last generation like FF XII and DQ VIII. I'm looking more to Western RPGs from Bioware and Bethesda these days.

    I've always been into adventure games. I can't wait to get my hands on more Team ICO games this year. I played the hell out of Action/RPG/Adventure hybrid Demon's Souls and can't wait for more.

    I'd say the action/RPG and adventure games continue to be my favorites, which isn't much of a change considering I've been an old school Zelda fan since the original. I probably played Demon's Souls and Mass Effect 2 as much as all the other games that game out those years combined. The Team ICO games and Journey are among my most eagerly anticipated games for this year. I can't wait for Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim.
  13. The older I get the bigger the booty I like. Uh huh.