Gaming Headsets

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  1. I've been using a steelseries 4H set for years and years. Not that they were great, in fact, I would say they were "just good enough." I got them for really cheap as well. However, I let someone borrow them, didn't see them for a year, and then the day I got them back, I stepped on the cord and ended up ripping the wiring out of the sound controller. So I wanted to finally get something new.

    I ended up getting a set of HyperX Clouds because the price was so good plus they get pretty stellar reviews for their price bracket. I have them but haven't used them yet. I post a mini review once I get to try them out.

    What headsets do you guys use for gaming?
  2. I saw those hyperx clouds going for $60 on amazon, which i assume is what you bit on. :)

    i decided not to do it since I already got a bunch of cans in the house already. :(
  3. That was almost exactly why I pounced. I got the white ones for $65 to match my PS4.
  4. I didn't even answer your question. I use these guys.

    Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR
  5. I've never found a headset I like but I don't really need a mic. Been using the AKG701 for my gaming headphone for about a year now.
  6. Sennheiser RS 180. I've liked them overall, but they have a habit of unbalancing the sound between the sides after charging. It's kind of bizarre. You'll put them on after a charge and everything is coming out of the left sometimes.