Gamings Greatest Opening Sequences

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  1. All games start with a beginning. Whether this be a straight start, or a story and action sequence start, but we all love the greatest and most epic ones.

    What games do you think have the greatest opening sequences from gaming? Please describe why it is or post up a Youtube video of it.

    Uncharted 2:

    Metal gear Solid 2:

    Final Fantasy VII:

    There is more to the opening of FFVII than this video, which sees you set a bomb, fight a mini boss and escape the Reactor before it explodes with you in it.

    Resident Evil 4:

    After the opening cutscene were you are first attacked by a seemingly sleepy village. The video does not show the horror we did when we first played it as we didnt have much ammo whereas this guy has some more guns.

    That is all for now. I look forward to what everyone else thinks are gamings greatest opening sequences.
  2. Freespace 2

    System Shock 2
  3. Hah, totally System Shock 2 hype these days :D
  4. I think Freespace 2 has the best intro I've seen. That game has great cinematics and voice acting. Here's another example:

  5. MGS2 opening had my mouth open all the way through the first time I experienced it. Fook me almost a decade ago now, scary how time flies. Another one that made my jaw drop was this beast:

    Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec

    Final Fantasy VIII Epic intro

  6. MGS2 had a great intro and the first 30 minutes were pretty good. It's a shame the rest of it sucked so badly. I'm not sure whose idea it was to make you play the game as a whiny shemale who can't get off the phone with his girlfriend.
  7. We shouldnt forget MGS1, the cinematics were really touchy and emotional. Another game that should be experienced.
  8. Onimusha 3 yaaa!!

  9. Remember guys, you can post or write about opening cutscenes and the first opening sequences after. Just like the Uncharted 2 one I posted which I think is the best opening sequence ever.

    The tanker part was awesome, the rest was not. that said, I still enjoyed the game, but that is probably because I am a big Metal gear Solid fan.

    Post up a video!
  10. Dunno how to put a video here:p
  11. [ video ] [ /video ]

    Push those [ and ] together on each side like normal and post the video link in between. We should put about videos up in help or rules thread.
  12. Okej thx, heres the MGS opening scene!

  13. I only learned very recently myself. This is how I do it. Get the video you want on youtube. Copy the url then paste here in your post and put ['video'] and ['/video'] either side of it, remember to not put the apostrophies ('), I used them so it wouldn't think I was trying to post a video lol.
    Damn, too slow!
  14. Speaking of MGS, I finally bought number 4 at the weekend and am now settling into it properly. I've played most of it before and loved the cut scenes referencing past games in the series but this will be my first proper playthrough at my own pace. Shame it doesn't let me start on European Extreme or whatever the hardest is on this game so Big Boss Hard will have to do on my first playthrough. Probably the least epic start to a MGS game but still epic with all the Gekkos.

    If there's a better director of games than Hideo I don't wanna know about it!
  15. Did do it that way, not really slow. Would be handy though if there was a butten for it just like for the images.
  16. Indeed, Hideo just knows how to represent it very well. Both in dramatic, action, and thrilling. MGS1 was the best so far for me. Have yet to play MGS4 though.
  17. You need to play Metal Gear Solid 4 then mate as it is awesome and finally wraps up everything from the Solid series. There are a few nice reference surprises too like the Rex vs ray fight and Liquid Ocelot doing the Metal gear Solid 1 Liquid death ending.
  18. New medal of honor! brought me back to the days of the original modern warfare. good stuff.

  19. Hard to beat the Witcher opening.

  20. This was top notch in its time: