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  1. with this still happening and Japanese population declining, I think we'll be ok
  2. What a light topic for discussion. What's next, a holocaust thread?
  3. I'm trying to get the forum into the right mood going into the holidays.
  4. All that selective abortion really kills the dating scene. To fill demand China has developed a thriving black market for kidnapped young girls. I guess a little brainwashing can turn them into excellent wives for the right price.
  5. I say we all pitch in for chinese hoars and run all of china out of baby makers. AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!
  6. By the time we found out we were having a girl they wouldn't let us abort, apparently once they are out it becomes murder....
  7. All the Chinese and Indian Girls are over here in our Universities while all the boys stayed home to run the family business, there is no imbalance lol.
  8. I'm pretty sure the 'abortion' they mention is exactly that. Poor villagers and farmers in India need boys to do work for the families. I don't think they can afford ultrasounds.
  9. there's also the big cultural difference when the son and/or daughter marry.

    in asian culture, when you have a son and he marries, he still takes care of his initial family (parents) along with his new family.

    when the daughter marries, she's pretty much given away.

    you have to remember that in most of the world, there aren't retirement plans/social security and stuff like that. well, i guess having a son is your retirement plan in this case.