Get into Swiftkey VIP and get Swiftkey 2 Phone Beta free! (ANDROID)

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    Register and use #swiftkeyFRIDAY as the code. Expires at the end of the day.
  2. In for 1.

  3. Looks like it went open beta.
  4. Actually it looks like they're still doing closed beta releases. They released a new swiftkey x phone beta today

    Improvements to:

    - the usability of the personalization functionality, particularly with regard to issues with Gmail and Google Apps;
    - typing accuracy and spelling correction;
    - status notifications, particularly during personalization;
    - the usability of the installation process;
    - the shortcut launcher (particularly in landscape and on larger devices);
    - the preferences and language settings UI;
    - general performance, responsiveness and power consumption.

    Bug fixes:

    - Repeated characters ("DoubleDouble") bugs are now fixed for the most part. There are still some application-specific problems (see Known Issues).
    - Fixed problems with physical/hard keyboards where SHIFT and ALT would get stuck on and symbols were printed rather than alphabetic characters.
    - No more flickering on Gingerbread devices.
    - Web search fields now behave correctly.
    - Fixed a bug where occasionally the installer got stuck in a loop.
    - Language states and summaries now update correctly.

    Also, they launched the swiftkey tablet x beta today for VIP members.
  5. What is your impression of SwiftKey? I'm so used to Swipe now, that I don't like tapping on the letters, regardless of prediction capabilities.
  6. I used swype for about 6 months before SwiftKey so i'm just now getting the hang of it. I prefer SwiftKey over swype as it's more accurate. The prediction is totally accurate. I can type the first 2 to 3 letters of a word and it can predict it. It gets to a point where it can predict my next word before i even start typing it. Once you get to that point, SwiftKey is faster than swype.

    I would say swype is better than SwiftKey if you do stuff while typing. You just have to get the general swype direction down and it pretty much gets the word for you. But the multiple times it kept doing the word dio rather than do for me was getting old. Have you tried swype 3.0 yet? It just launched a few days ago.
  7. I just typed all of that in SwiftKey
  8. word prediction never worked for me :/ why! you no speak friesian!! Can't beat a full KB for me...
  9. Indeed, nothing will ever beat a full KB. SwiftKey can actually learn friesian. What it does is learn from your sms database and if you let it, it'll also go through your facebook status updates (if applicable) and email in your gmail account and learn how you type and work it into word prediciton. There's alot of privacy concern through that though.
  10. Wow you weren't kidding about this. I didn't give it much of a chance before but it's considerably faster than swype. Wow it even guessed the word swype. I'm throughly impressed.
  11. Lazy lazy people :)

    It went final. It's now on the market for $2 for the next 48hrs. Then it'll go to the original price for $4.
  13. Will the beta stop working? Or can we get a free final release?
  14. The beta stops working around the 20th, I believe. You can get a free final release if you bought the original Swiftkey a year or less ago. I believe you just email them your order number for it.
  15. Haha! Jokes on me! I bought it last week for $2. And today it's free on amazon.
  16. You really should create a thread for free Amazon apps.
  17. Swype is good for one handed typing, but when I can use both hands I prefer SwiftKey. It gives you a nice big keyboard and is great with predictive text.