Girl Randomly Attacked by a Group of Muslim Girls

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  1. Thoughts?
  2. What the hell does alcohol tolerance have to do with anything in the case? I think this is cause for another violent protest in your country.
  3. They should still be charged with assault. People get off really easy in your country. But I suppose it's better than the US where the cops and justice system are on a power trip and you'll get 20 to life for jaywalking.
  4. If it was four white girls battering a single Muslim girl then they would have been sent to prison and labeled racist chavs. Not to sound racist, but this country needs to stop pussy footing around racism and do things more fair.
  5. The most hilarious part of that story is:

    That judge is a total nutjob. It's unreasonable force to keep people from kicking your gf in the head?
  6. I thought it was against their religion and life ways to consume alcohol? Four of them partook even though they knew it was banned for them. Just another loophole once again.
  7. After watching the video, I think they should have received at least a few months of real jail time to go along with the rest of the community service. Those four looked like they were used to brawling. None of them ever attempts to calm things down, even after the girlfriend is obviously down for the count. I thought the boyfriend showed more restraint than they did.
  8. I think he was too drunk to do anything more. He should have battered them.
  9. Hmmm. Wouldn't the same defense work for murder?
  10. Probably knowing how this country works. It's a sham justice system.