Glenn Beck\'s Show Shitcanned. In other news there is a god.

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by cmdrmonkey, Apr 7, 2011.


    Fucking douchebag finally got what he deserves. I hope he loses his health insurance and dies of nutsack cancer.
  2. Good news indeed but there will always be another Glenn Beck.
  3. It's still unfortunate that there are so many misinformed retards left in his wake, and another nutter of his calibre might rise from them. I hope that day never arrives.

    Furthermore I disagree with the latter part of the thread title. Perhaps it should be truncated?
  4. I've wondered if Beck really believes the shit he talks or if it's just deeply cynical exploitation to make money. It's all a bit moot as he's a prize cunt either way.