Google and "Fairness"

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by AKS, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. I'm definitely not the biggest fan of O'Keefe and much of his past antics, but regardless of what you think of him or Project Veritas the footage of this Google executive Jen Gennai expressing her very disturbing views that will affect pretty much anyone who uses a web browser is well worth your attention.

    Are these the duties of a tech company, redefine terms like "fairness," secretly inject social justice positions into our web searches, and select the US presidents?
  2. I watched about 5 minutes. It kind of looks like some of those other documentaries that hide camera's and then try to portray things out of context. When she says, "will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation, it’s like a small company cannot do that", what does she mean? Facebook and online media companies were all affected by Russian troll farms during the last election. Is she talking about preventing that from happening again? Preventing social media from being infiltrated by fake news, or making sure Trumps name appears in searches for the word idiot?
  3. It sounded like they were interviewing armadeadn while he’s doing his Skyrim wizard voice.