Google Augmented Reality Glasses

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  1. I don't think we're too far off from glasses like the FBI guy wears in Heavy Rain.
  2. Do you have to wear the glove too? I don't think people are going to like the idea of having to look like they're having a neck spasm while trying to navigate the menus. Also I've been told all my life to not sit too close to the TV because it could damage my eyes, what the hell are these glasses going to do to people's eyes in the long term?
  3. They would use voice recognition according the articles I read.

    Also, the thing about sitting too close to the TV is an old wive's tale.
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  5. I looked into one of those glasses that is like instead of getting an actual monitor and one of the drawbacks IS that you have no spatial control IE say your glasses are speced to put you 5 ft. from the virtual screen, well the problem is you can't move from that position ever! If your like me you move around a lot when your at the pc. That's part of the comfort! When your reading something you sit up, when you watch something you sit back and so on!

    Anyway the technology just isn't ready yet. There was another HUGE problem... but I can't recall :/ anyway I'd very carefully look into this when buying.

    oh yeah! Now I remember! it's like how do you look at your hands (eheheheh like to masterbate :p) when you've got your head in one of those things?? lol. Just a logical nightmare if you ask me.
  6. I don't understand your first paragraph.
  7. You know how the xyz axis works? If you get one that doesn't let you adjust the z axis (only the most expensive ones do...) you'll get a headache like the virtual boy.

    It's also suggested you only get one as a second monitor, as you can't see your controler... and you'll end up jizzing all over the furniture! :eek:
  8. Apparently Google expects/hopes to have these out by the end of the year.

    I look forward to seeing more people walk into lamp posts and the like when they can't see where they are going over all the crap on the lenses.
  9. Well, it won't be much different from people walking whilst texting, they don't see nothinks.

    I'd like one of those visor things from Dragonball.
  10. Google has started testing prototypes of these. The video shows the idea they're going for.
  11. music?? what is that guy wearing a helmet?? this has to look SO ultra dorky not too mention dangerous. the phrase 'I wouldn't be caught dead in that' will have to change to 'I WOULD be caught dead in that'

    plus I thought AR was like the 3DS Camera, where you point it one direction it shows you something (that's not there) and you turn it around and it shows you the other end of the imaginary object as if you were in a different reality. I don't see any of that here.

    I'd like a window that shows me a different reality (ie a window to the north pole in the middle of the desert...) and when it's sunny the rays actually emit from it or it gets cold when theirs a storm... or it BREAKS when it shows a hurricane! lol JUMANJI!! That's what I call Augmented Reality.
  12. You really don't click links, do you?

    There is a mock up in the article.


    Looks like it could be easily incorporated into a pair of sunglasses or designer glasses.

    And Augmented reality covers a lot of things.

    You get augmented reality already in football games where they show video of the players on the pitch and draw those arrows demonstrating where they could move or pass to.
  13. c'mon man! you gotta get with the times! augmented reality is a really general term that covers alot of things.

    and have you not seen these before? they've been around for years. certainly not a helmet by any means.
  15. Epson showed a production version of these at E3. they look just as dorky as you might think. but at least there's no (visible) wires. sorry too lazy to search my history for the videos I saw on it. I'm not sure if it's explicitly Google or Windows/ Mac compatible as well. Regardless I don't see me buying one anytime soon. I do like how they put the real life in the background. It's not so you can walk around (unless you're REALLY good at doing 5 things at once) it's to offset the vertigo you get from staring at an immovable image all day.

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