Google conspiracy

Discussion in 'Technology' started by knowname, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. anybody else think google (youtube) is sabotaging ppl's flash somehow. I'm finding lots of ppl with messed up flash drivers...
  2. messed up as in how? like not working/being able to view flash video?
  3. well all I know is many times I give ppl a flash file they say they never got it :/ it's a conspiracy I tell you!! I know my mom's flash is messed up and some c error pops up every time I try to re-install it. I always think I'll figure it out later, but I just don't get down there enough... oh well she hardly even turns the thing on.

    See I'm thinking Google is trying to build a monoboly on streaming videos! as it's about the only thing that works when flash is borked.
  4. I heard google uses the tracking data on your phone to send rapists to your house.
  5. It's true. I've been on both sides of that coin.
  6. You might wanna do some maintenance on your mom's computer. That's pretty much what I did for my parent's laptop first time i visited them after they got the thing. I just backed up their stuff onto a usb drive and wiped the entire thing. Restored windows, uninstalled all the bloatware, and threw on malwarebytes and avast. Did the obvious windows updates and needed add-ons (flash, acrobat) and just let them be. Hasn't been any issues.

    Also, you gain an extra back up of their crap (usb drive) if they ever manage to cause trouble for themselves on the machine. They'll love you for life for that.

    Also, google chrome uses its own self contained flash, maybe have her try that instead?
  7. she won't let me reinstall her freekin os (Vista) it's so messed up it's probly not even worth fixin'. The mexicans she let rent out her room (and their entire family obviously...) wreaked havok on the thing. She eventually kicked them out... took a while though...

    and it IS chrome that does it lol I'll have her try something else... like this 'camino' thing lol.