Google Now!

Discussion in 'Technology' started by supersonic, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Holy Shit. Google Now is creepy as fuck. It reminded me where I parked and the map is dead on accurate.

    How the fuck??!
  2. GPS, grandpa...
  3. How does it know I'm in or out of my car? I didn't use Nav on my phone.
  4. I brought this up on the last forum. It is creepy. It tells me how long it will take to get home or to work even when I don't ask. I also seem to have gotten instant spams by walking into department stores.
  5. it guesses based on your speed and movement, just like how it does the activity card.
  6. So I just Googled Lowes and my phone makes a little noise and tells me it will take 1 minute to get there.

    I am actually going to go there but that's besides the point.
  7. Google Now is pretty useful. I usually go to the same places on the same days and it will pop up on that day telling me how long it'll take based on the traffic.

    It's also started suggesting things to watch on TV, which is slightly less useful
  8. How can I see all the cards available? It seems to surprise me with something new when it feels like it.
  9. If you visit the settings you can see what info it can display but the cards are context sensitive. I rarely see more than 5 at a time and usually those will be website suggestions.