Google\'s Cr48

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  1. woot! i don't know how many of you guys applied for the pilot program back in december when google announced this thing but I finally got mine. the whole thing has a matte finish.

    to sum it up, it's a laptop that runs Chrome OS. the operating system being the chrome browser. makes sense as google saves all of your info (kinda scary). google's take on the cloud computing era.

    you can see it all here

    There's one USB port.. I stuck in my MS sidewinder x5 mouse and it was able to be used right away. you can also print using the google cloud print feature. I also checked out youtube and it looks like hd res option gets disabled.
  2. Did you have to pay to be part of this or was it just luck of the draw?
  3. Luck of the draw. You just sign up, answer some questions and sit and wait. One of my friends got his like a day or 2 after he signed up and he said he signed up DURING their announcement.
  4. I think it was luck of the draw, though I'd guess there were certain quotas for each market segment. I also applied for the program, but didn't have the pleasure of receiving one. Did you receive advanced notice that you were accepted, or did it just show up?
  5. No notice on my friend's or my case. Just showed up on the doorstep.
  6. Do you have certain testing you have to do with the netbook, or can you do whatever you want with it? I've seen videos of youtube of people loading windows 7 on it. I can kind of see why as the Chrome OS never looked terribly useful to me beyond very basic computing.
  7. So does Google know everything you do on the laptop? Is it recording you're every keystroke?
  8. google has their googles on EVERYONE man, you're not giving them info, your simply giving them permision to use it. :|
  9. nah, google literally sends you the box, some fancy decals and the ac power cable. no rules or anything. it literally is just basic computing. more basic than a netbook by all means.

    bfun, oddly, google made it optional to send usage statistics and crash reports
  10. So I've heard there's no capslock key? How do you type in caps?
  11. Are you new to computers and typing? Hold Shift.
  12. Probably hold shift.
  13. There's a shift key. It's retard-proof.
  14. But how do you auto run in Fallout 3?
  15. Apparently the CR48 is retard proof, but according to the last post, this forum is not.
  16. I... don't think... Fallout 3 will run... on this netbook.
  17. I bet I could prove you wrong. I wont, but I bet I could.
  18. Yeah, obviously, but there's no way to switch into caps? That's lame. I need that more than I need a search key.
  20. I don't even remember the last time I actually even used the caps key other than attempt to be a db. Google even took out the function keys. They replaced it with the secondary function that you would normally find on a laptop keyboard (brightness dimming, volume, etc)