Google\'s Cr48

Discussion in 'Technology' started by khaid, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Mistake, or deliberate move on Google's part to stop internet douchebaggery?
  2. No F5 key? How do you quick save in Fallout 3?
  3. I know, right? They should have called this the FAIL48.
  4. so my htc evo phone is faster than my cr48. youtube hd videos are enabled on it now. and it's a 1fps slideshow. html5 is a little better but still choppy.
  5. Do you think it's an issue with the Atom CPU being underpowered or a problem with the Chrome OS? The Atom is notorious for choking on flash videos. I had a netbook for about a week and returned it partially because the flash performance was so bad.
  6. It's still horrible. I double checked my chrome version to make sure it's the latest and even enrolled myself into the developer channel to make sure. It is indeed using the latest flash 10.2 too. Atom needs some serious beef.
  7. One thing to note that is hilarious is when I was watching the video in the html5 version of the site, I right clicked the video and noticed a save video option. Clicked it and got rickrolled.

    I hate you google.
  8. Intel is great on the high-end side of things, but they can't make decent budget processors to save their lives. You would think they would have learned from the Celeron. The Atom is such a turd it's ridiculous.