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    They revealed *some* of Stadia's pricing today. Its going to be $129 for the hardware bundle and three months of Stadia Pro. After that, Stadia Pro will be $9.99 per month. No details on the free Basic plan other than it limits resolution and frame rate, absolutely no specifics on how the tiered service works or how they relate to each other.

    I have to say that while the idea is novel, I think Google is shooting themselves in the foot from the beginning with a needlessly complicated tier system that they are obviously hiding details about. No pricing mentioned for games at all. If games cost full retail, I don't know if the ability to stream games is worth the price of entry of $130 up front + $10/month + the cost of the games.

    I'm even more interested in hearing about xCloud now, especially since Stadia looks like a confusing mess.
  2. I'm in a wait and see mode. There seems to be a revival in the idea of game streaming but I'm not sure if any of the issues from the last time have been resolved. If any company can make it work, Google can.
  3. remember that google tends to abandon projects though.. alot of projects
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  4. lol what a shameless copycat. Why would I buy this when I've been playing on my phantom console for 15 years.
  5. One thing is for sure... If the ISP data caps come off, then the video game landscape will change drastically. And, of course, Sony is totally unprepared (had to sneak that in!).

  6. I've done it. I'm using Stadia. And it's working great. Better than I expected.

    That's me playing Centipede: Recharged, one of the free games. I already had this on my Switch, but I prefer it on Stadia. I've got keyboard & mouse support on Stadia and it plays like it's supposed to. There's not real controller lag either. Perhaps I've gotten so use to lag on my PS3/PS4 & 360/XB1 that maybe I'm not really noticing it anymore. But I am using Chrome via the built-in Debain Linux on an Atari VCS mini PC with a HyperX keyboard & mouse. Nothing fancy at all. It's about a $400 setup.

    As for the graphics: They're pretty damn good. Here's some higher end games. On some of them, I'm using the keyboard & mouse and on others, I'm using the Stadia controller.

    Metro Exodus

    Far Cry Primal

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla

    Final Fantasy XV

    Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

    Resident Evil Village

    Rage 2

    DOOM Eternal

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Those aren't free games, I went nuts during their 4th of July sale! Focused on them instead of Steam & Nintendo.
  7. I'm not sure if it's the video or what, but some of those game look like they're running at 480p.
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    Looks solid in the screen shots. I've played most of those games on other platforms. How are things as far as performance, typical frame rate? One of the more pleasant developments with the new Playstation and Xboxes is that every game I've played so far has had at minimum a 60 fps mode and several can run at 120 fps. Do Stadia games tend to target 30, 60, or does it vary by game and connection quality?
  9. I think that I'm seeing 60fps on my Atari VCS. Now that's a mini PC running Chrome on Debain Linux on a 1080p HDTV via HDMI. I tried it on a new Google TV powered Chromecast and it didn't seem as nice as my toy PC. I'm not sure how both of these setups would behave on a 4K TV.

    Here... I found a followup test of Stadia that DF made in 2020.

    Since it's 2022 now, I assume that Google's made several more patches & fixes to it since then.
  10. Google was quick to shut that rumor down.

  11. Looks like the shutdown is back on the menu.