Got a youtube channel?

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  1. I've had one for a while but not really had any videos up. I did an Oblivion video on my old laptop which is really jerky but I thought the idea was cool. Earlier this year I began doing a Doom Ultra Violence Playthrough but only finished two videos and abandoned campaign. Today I just finished making a Matrix/Linkin Park video which I've had flaoting around my head for the past 2 years or so. If you want to check my stuff out click on this little linky thing:

    I don't think I've done too bad considering I'm a rank amateur at this sort of thing and the only thing I spent was time and love.

    Do you have anything of interest on your channel?
  2. My channel has no videos on it, I only have an ID so that I can subscribe to things etc.

    Is that Atreyu on the Doom part 1 video? Sounds like the singers voice.
  3. You are correct sir! (It does say in the credits)

    As I only have the trial version of fraps I can only record 30 seconds at a time, but with clever editing you'd never know those 10 minute Doom videos are actually around 20 separate clips melded together.
  4. I didn't get that far, once the gameplay stops I generally switch off when it comes to gaming vids.
  5. I see. Then you probably didn't see that the second piece of music on that 1st Doom video was a tune I wrote and recorded about 4 years ago.
  6. The solo guitar piece? I did guess that it might be something to do with yourself or a friend.

    Not sure if many others around here will have Youtube accounts, not many of them seem to the type. Chi might have a really nerdy one of him doing minecraft LPs but I reckon for the most part you may be the only one if not one of a few.
  7. Yeah I used to play guitar a while back. I haven't played in a while, probably because I'm no good at it. I have a bunch of little tunes and bits and pieces of riffs on my ipod actually. I'm proud of a couple of them but mostly it's not that great.
  8. Funny you should mention that, I was thinking of starting one up!
  9. Well, just few weeks ago I've finally got an idea of uploading all my .MODs and .S3Ms made in 90s somewhere to be easily accessed.

    I've used ModPlug/LameEnc to convert few of my old compositions to mp3 and then VirtualDub to make avis out of them and here I am:
  10. I've got a channel I just use for subscribing to other channels. I am actually thinking of making an LP of some description (like Hipp0cat's ones, and if you haven't heard of him he's one of the best LPers out), most likely an Oblivion one.
  11. What's an LP, or an LPer for that matter?

    Never mind, I just checked out some of his videos. I could listen to him talk all day :)
    It's just videos of him dying on Doom for ten minutes, my Doom videos are more entertaining ;)
  12. Well anyway, LP = lets play, essentially a playthough of a game with commentary. Hey, I'm pretty sure if you tried those Doom WAD's he plays, you'd get raped constantly too.
  13. Its kind of along the LP route but there is a chap called RoahmMythril who has some really entertaining Mega Man runs to watch. He has done perfect runs of the entire series whereby he takes no damage on any stages and beats each stage and robot master with only the mega buster. I am lucky if I get through the first half of any stage without taking a hit.
  14. That for true. Those levels looked brutal.
  15. Ok so I've finally managed to upload a video I made last week, took almost 5 hours to upload! It's basically a video showing some beautiful scenes from video games. It must be watched in HD of course and the video consists mainly of Crysis footage. I never knew that game looked so good! Best looking game ever? I can see why Hellripper and Monkey hated on Crysis 2, as good as it looks it's got nothing on the original

    Anyway, enjoy!
  16. Yeah, we weren't talking out of our asses. Crysis is an amazing looking game. Maybe the best looking game ever, which is especially impressive when you consider that it's almost four years old.
  17. Youtube kept raping my videos so I just quit flucking with it. Theyre a bit more friendly to copyright infringers now :) so I may try again in the future. my yt name is the same as on here.

    I made a lets play type video way back in 06 or so, whenever ff12 came out. Now everybody's copying me :/
  18. Good job. I liked your video.
  19. Thanks, always good to hear.
  20. Another game that you might consider including is a bit of Just Cause 2. It's not as impressive as Crysis maxed, but it does look really good with the settings cranked and has nice looking water effects. JC2 is pretty well optimized considering that it's so open. The scale of the world is very impressive.

    I'm glad Mirror's Edge was included. That game was a work of art visually.