Gran Turismo 5

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  1. Okay, We'll be arranging some online races. The more the merrier.

    As for cars, we're talking stock models, no tuning or tyres, just an oil change on old cars.

    Current list:
    VW Golf V GTI '05 (Dealership)
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR P.P. '07 (Dealership)
    BMW M3 coupe '07 (Dealership)
    Caterham 7 Fireblade (UCD or Prize for winning Extreme FGT Championship)

    If you can, try and have a unique paint colour from everybody else.

    Player Colours:
    chi = white
    monsly = Pink*
    Armadeadn = Red
    Nathan_Drake = Black

    *Placeholder colours.

    We're currently planning to race on Tuesday 24th, probably around 7.30 onwards. Hopefully monsly will register on here to clarify.
  2. Hmmm, another monsly thread hijack is afoot I see.
  3. Well if you'd get off your arse and start these things sooner, I wouldn't have to do this.
  4. I'll be on for racing fun. I'll have red as my colour :) I'll purchase those cars when this race is over.
  5. I've got my Caterham 7 Fireblade '02, a new Golf V GTI '05 (my first one was tuned up), Mistubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR P.P. '07 and BMW M3 Coupe '07 all bog standard (apart from oil change) and all in red (with new wheels where available). I'm ready. I finish work at 6 tomorrow so should be on around 7.
  6. Cool, All my cars are ready but I'm not sure if my Caterham has been tuned or not. I doubt it was I've just been buying random cars from the UCD but being cheap about it.

    I should be on around 7.30. Any particular tracks you fancy? We'll definitely be doing the Nurburgring for a couple of the cars at least.
  7. Yeah. Another le mans night race is surely on the cards. I hear Rome is lovely this time of year too.
  8. Sounds good, Monza or sarthe might be good too.
  9. sarthe is le mans fool! I'm doing the last race I skipped from the fgt championship right now. I don't know if you've ever driven an F1 car in the rain at suzuka but it's frikkin' hard. Very careful on the throttle or you'll spin out. Laps are taking me 2 mins as it's slow going (for the fgt anyway). I'm gonna get some awesome pics from this replay though.
  10. Oh right... I dunno what the tracks are! I found the FGT extremely manageable if you turn traction control and skid control on.
  11. In the rain? I've just done 40 minutes 53 seconds of pure concentration and I still spun out on almost every lap. I still won by almost a minute as the computer drives uber safe in the rain. Bed time now.
  12. Yeah, I gave the last track in the FGT championship a spin in the rain. Preeeeetty manageable.
  13. What was your psnid? I was deleting some people off my list that I added just for a custom track. I may have deleted you by accident because it was unfamiliar. .. sorry about that, add me back.

    I'm kinda ruthless with my friend list pruning, the pop ups annoy me...

    I guess we'll skip the caterham for the moment then. We've got 3 cars at the moment so it should be fine
  14. Right, where is everybody? I'd like a 3-4player race sometime today.
  15. Had some good races tonight. Turns out Nate has a mean streak.

    The game mirrored our driving and crashed at the end, guess we deserved it really
  16. Yeah it was good fun. I think we should do the nurb race again but in the day. I was gonna do it without traction control but I forgot. Maybe next time.
  17. that last shortcut at de la sarthe really should have a penalty but the game doesn't seem to recognise it.

    I really think the nurburgring is the most enjoyable track at the moment. It's nice and tricky but it also has some long straights where people can catch up. Maybe a 5 lap endurance race on it next time lads.
  18. I reckon we should each pick a car for us to all buy and tune up so we can have some quicker fair races.
    Remember to buy racing tyres chi and monsly! tsk
  19. Alright, well we've got three mid level cars which are quite enjoyable to race.

    How about you choose a car? Probably best to have a budget so we don't break the bank and it'll make it tougher for you, see if you can get the best "bang for buck" as it were.

    You've got a 150k budget, that's including tuning and tyres.
  20. Alrighty! I just managed to get the crazy custom track with the massive jump! Pics to follow.