Grand Turismo Tease(Could be GT6)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, May 8, 2013.

  1. Surely too late for this generation if it is GT6? Could well be for PS4 as an early title as Sony hope to win the next generation war with a big flagship title.
  2. Hopefully they don't fuck up the interface with the new one. GT5 really fucked up on simple things.
  3. I would be REALLY surprised if it was going to release early in the PS4's sales cycle. Didn't GT5 take an eternity to come out?
  4. Think this will be a PS3 released. Someone on another forum stated it was shown on a E3 PS3 line up or something. A vita version would be good too.
  5. Yea, GT5 prologue to the GT5 actual release was 3 years. That's beyond ridiculous.
  6. What was the years of release between GT3 and GT4 on the PS2?
  8. I think GT5 was practically on its way to matching Duke nukem forever in delays. Let's hope they sort it out for next gen
  9. The gap has been longer each generation, but GT5 was ridiculously late and did not deliver in the most basic of ways. GT6 will be what GT5 should have been, but again, late... it will date quickly with next gen consoles coming out shortly after release.
  10. I am so bored of track racers these days. I enjoy the collecting and tuning of cars but I find the races to mostly be a chore. This will be the first Gran Turismo I'm not buying. I don't care how realistic it is I feel a game needs to strike a balance between realism and fun, and GT han't actually been fun for me since GT3.
  11. GT3? GT3 was a heavy grind fest that encouraged 1000 mile enduro races on the off chance that you might win a formula 1 car. Looking back at it, there was very little fun compared to GT2 and GT4, the strongest entries in the series IMO.
  12. GT4 introduced the most boring thing in gaming history, actual 24hour races. And b spec driver? Don't get me started on that useless fucktard. I remember GT3 being the one that wowed me the most with its fancy PS2 graphics. It was easily the biggest leap forward graphically and the last GT where the racing was actually fun, at least for me. The rallying on GT3 was perfect, better than any actual rally game I'd played at the time, then GT4 came out and they'd made the rallying portion beyond awful.

    TL; DR GT3 was the last time I felt GT had improved on the previous game, it was all downhill from there.
  13. I enjoyed GT5. never did B-Spec so it did not bother me. Loved winning that Redbull f1 Car from getting gold on a timed hard track.