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  1. ooof you must’ve been low priority customer. they shipped me a brand new one, and i didn’t have to ship mine back until i got my new one. they gave me return shipping label and all too. this was for a 1080 sc
  2. I go with ROG Strix because the branding makes me feel like I know a lot more than I actually do.
  3. Nvidia announced 4090 and 4080 prices today.

    RTX 4090 24GB - $1,599
    RTX 4080 16GB - $1199
    RTX 4080 12GB - $899
  4. They really want people buying excess 30 series cards. Those prices are stupid.
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    And don't forget the inevitable scalpers that will drive the prices up even higher and the Ti versions that will come out in 6 months. Price burnout is real. So is inflation, the recession, and a 30 year low on desktop CPU sales.

    The 4080 cards don't even make sense as they have completely different specs. One of them should have been 4070 or 4080 Ti. Just some weird marketing going on.

  6. That is really misleading. I'd be pissed if I wasn't aware they were essentially different cards and bought one thinking the VRAM was the main difference. This could be a good opportunity for AMD and Intel to release sensibly priced (and named) cards, but we'll see.
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    Why are they using 192-bit memory in a "high-end" card? Looks like they're trying to pass an xx60 type card off as an xx80 type card.

    nVidia has gotten ridiculously greedy and needs to be brought down a notch.
  8. Intel's ARC A770 release on Oct 12 for $329. It's supposedly comparable to a 3060/3070. Reviews go live Oct 5th.
  9. That’s what midrange cards used to go for back in the day. Hopefully this is competitive and that can be the price again.
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    The bit of tech analysis I've seen of Intel's XeSS upscaling method looked pretty solid. Seems to provide a decent increase in efficiency while looking pretty decent most of the time. I saw a bit of instability in some environmental elements but otherwise not bad. Hopefully that at least helps them be more competitive in the mid to low range, wherever they enter the GPU market.

    BTW, I also finally got a chance to try out FSR 2.0 now that it has been added to Red Dead Redemption 2. There is no way I'd be running it at the crazy settings I tried without it, 32:9/ ~7 million pixels with most settings cranked and still getting around high 60s to 90s. Looks very good. Typical consumers seem to focus on whether FSR looks better or worse than DLSS, but the real benefit to AMD getting in close proximity of DLSS in quality and performance is that the rationale that you'd be missing out on DLSS if you bought an AMD card has been rapidly eroding. The only thing Nvidia still has over them is ray tracing performance, and I'm not sure that is enough to overshadow their recent bullshit with their 40 series. AMD has a real opportunity to gain a lot of ground in the GPU market if they play their cards right, and it's absurd Nvidia seems oblivious to this after the comeback AMD just made in the past few years in the CPU market.
  11. Ryzen value started to dry up once it became competitive with Intel. I know a lot of people are hoping that AMD will price bomb Nvidia but history makes me think AMD will match prices. Nvidia is arguing that GPU will never been cheap again due to Moore's law being dead. AMD might play along and the two companies have been guilty of price fixing in the past.
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    Didn't AMD drop prices, including relative to some of their previous generation chips?

    The 5950x was $799 at launch, $100 more than the 7950x. The 5800x (which I have in my PC) debuted at $449, $50 more than the new 7700x.


    Most of AMD's current GPUs are pretty competitively priced, including the former "flagship" RX 6900 XT, which is perhaps the only card of that sort I'd consider to be a high value proposition. I have one, and that thing is very powerful although also it runs a bit hotter than I'd like. I'm expecting AMD to release the new RDNA3 GPUs at close to where their RDNA2 cards debuted.

    In addition to the price drops, I've personally used the same x370 motherboard I bought for the 1800x with the 2700x and 5800x. I've even used the same Noctua CPU cooler. The AM4 platform led to massive savings for me. I could have rebuilt multiple times if not for AM4. They have pledged they will keep the new AM5 platform going until 2026.
  13. AMD and Intel have been attacking Nvidia directly on price to performance ratio.

    Intel spent most of their rollout of their new GPUs trying to Fleece Johnson the 3060:

  14. Well the official AMD price drops are nice and give me hope, but in normal times this would be pretty normal behavior before a new product release. The new prices also match some of the sale prices we were seeing back in August. Still, it's much better than what Nvidia is doing.

    Intel ARC is interesting. I'll be curious to see how it does in the reviewer hands. I suspect immature drivers will cause a lot of performance variations in games, but maybe I'll be surprised.
  15. nvidia needs to have an encounter with Fleece Johnson about their prices. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way, the choice is yours."
  16. RX 6600 $260
    RX 6600 XT $340
    RX 6700 - $370
    RX 6700 XT - $430
    RX 6800 - $580
    RX 6800 XT $575
    RX 6900 XT $670 - $580
    RX 6950 XT $1000

    RTX 2060 $210
    RTX 3060 $430
    RTX 3060 Ti $400
    RTX 3070 $500
    RTX 3070 Ti $450
    RTX 3080 $688
    RTX 3080 Ti $1120
    RTX 3090 $1000
    RTX 3090 Ti $1150

    Newegg had a 6900XT for $580 yesterday.
  17. The AMD price drops I posted may have been unofficial price drops. Those were just the prices they were currently selling at on newegg apparently. This means there is less certainty where the prices of the new upcoming GPUs could land. It would be very smart to undercut Nvidia after they released those bloated prices and given Intel is releasing very aggressively priced cards on the budget end of the market, but companies don't always do the very smart thing when it comes to prices.
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    The Intel cards look like a decent first attempt. Once they iron out the driver issues they should be easy to recommend.

    Intel has their own fabs, many of which are in the US. They can pump out GPUs in a way NV and AMD can't. We might see affordable, entirely US built Intel video cards. After the pandemic and the chip shortage I really like the idea of that.
  19. Intel are not producing the Alchemist silicon, it's TSMC.

    Also they are using an emulation layer for anything older than DX12 which is why older games suffer so badly, not sure how easy it will be to iron out, hopefully some DX11 stuff will be optimised better but older I wouldn't hold out hope.

    Still very good cards for the price in DX12 titles and can trade blows with AMD and Nvidia at the same sort of level. Ray Tracing seems to be ahead of AMD already, but that might change with RDNA3.
  20. Nvidia is officially unlaunching the 12GB 4080. Admits they named it wrong. Is unlauch a new word? I expect we'll see it labeled as a 4070 or 4070Ti/Super along with a 4070 release. Wonder how this will affect their plans to keep selling the 3080.