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  1. ooof you must’ve been low priority customer. they shipped me a brand new one, and i didn’t have to ship mine back until i got my new one. they gave me return shipping label and all too. this was for a 1080 sc
  2. I go with ROG Strix because the branding makes me feel like I know a lot more than I actually do.
  3. Nvidia announced 4090 and 4080 prices today.

    RTX 4090 24GB - $1,599
    RTX 4080 16GB - $1199
    RTX 4080 12GB - $899
  4. They really want people buying excess 30 series cards. Those prices are stupid.
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    And don't forget the inevitable scalpers that will drive the prices up even higher and the Ti versions that will come out in 6 months. Price burnout is real. So is inflation, the recession, and a 30 year low on desktop CPU sales.

    The 4080 cards don't even make sense as they have completely different specs. One of them should have been 4070 or 4080 Ti. Just some weird marketing going on.

  6. That is really misleading. I'd be pissed if I wasn't aware they were essentially different cards and bought one thinking the VRAM was the main difference. This could be a good opportunity for AMD and Intel to release sensibly priced (and named) cards, but we'll see.
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    Why are they using 192-bit memory in a "high-end" card? Looks like they're trying to pass an xx60 type card off as an xx80 type card.

    nVidia has gotten ridiculously greedy and needs to be brought down a notch.