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  1. Hardware unboxed compares DLSS 2 to DLSS 3 in the video below. For the most part, DLSS 3 seems like a downgrade with visual artifacts and increased latency. The slower the frame rate the more noticeable the artifacts. DLSS 3 might make the game look smoother, but it will feel more sluggish, so it's not good for competitive gaming. Best use case is a single player games running at over 120fps on a 240Hz monitor. People who buy 240Hz monitors probably do so for competitive gaming, so I'm not sure who would use DLSS 3.

  2. I've been wondering how this DLSS3 business is going to play out regarding games in which DLSS2 might be preferable, particularly competitive multiplayer games. Are they going to implement both versions in games? Seems unlikely.
  3. Apparently the new 12VHPWR connector used in the 4000 series Nvidia cards might be fire hazard. It seems that bending the cable too much creates a contact issue with the card power port which then generates heat and melts the plastic. I guess some people had been warning this could happen even before the first 4090s came out. It was also confirmed today that AMD decided against using 12VHPWR cables in the their upcoming 7000 series cards.
  4. The RTX 4090 is only $1600 MSRP and it ignites your PC when you plug it in? That's such a tempting proposition.
  5. So I just did a rough comparison between prices I found today and what I found 3 months ago in August. Overall prices dropped, but not a lot. Some of the biggest drops might have happened before August.

    RX 6600 $260 - $209
    RX 6600 XT $340 - $250
    RX 6700 XT - $430 - $390
    RX 6800 - $580 - $510
    RX 6800 XT $600 - $520
    RX 6900 XT $700 - $655

    RTX 3060 $430 - $300
    RTX 3060 Ti $460 - $430
    RTX 3070 $514 - $500
    RTX 3070 Ti $660 -$570
    RTX 3080 $688 - $755
    RTX 3090 $1000 -$1000
  6. AMD announced prices on the 7900XT and 7900XTX. The price is lower than I expected. No benchmarks yet.

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    The 7900XT is going to retail for the price Nvidia tried to sell us a 4060 to 4070. I think Nvidia has some legitimate competition at the higher end from AMD and lower end with Intel.
  8. Looks like the RTX 4080 12GB will be re-launched as the 4070 Ti. I wonder how much material and packaging had to be scrapped because it was labeled 4080.
  9. It will be interesting to see the pricing after they already tried to sell it for $900. That was a terrible idea then, and they have an even worse situation now considering the embarrassing "unlaunching" and formidable competition at that price range.
  10. It seems that the melting Nvidia cables is a mixed case of user error and bad design. The connectors have no locking mechanism or indicator that they are fully inserted. Not inserting the cable fully can result in the connector melting. No connector lock also means that the connector can come loose when people are trying to route the cables or move the card, which can then result in the connector melting. Nvidia didn't invent the 12VHPWR standard, they're just the first GPU company to use it. The debate over whether this is a major or minor design flaw with 12VHPWR will continue.
  11. It looks like the 4080s are the first video card in years that didn't sell out right away. It appears that the people willing to spend over $1000 for a video card want the fasted video card they can buy and aren't really interested in the second fastest video card they buy. Go figure. The 4080 isn't a halo card and it's not even close to being a value card, so it's not very desirable. The 7900XT might suffer the same fate as it's only $100 cheaper than the $1000 7900XTX.
  12. The XTX looks like a really impressive flagship card, but I agree that puts the XT in an odd situation. Might have been a better idea to start the XT at $800 even if that's lower than they planned to go for a high end card. The XTX is looking pretty appealing right now. I might try to grab one and try to sell my 6900XT. But if scalpers grab them all, I really don't need to upgrade for awhile. Fine with me either way.

    There is no way in hell I'm forking over the prices Nvidia is asking. Some of the 4080's are price gouged so high they cost almost as much as the 4090, which is substantially more powerful. I'm also not keen on the outside chance of setting my PC ablaze.
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    I've been monitoring card availability on Newegg and elsewhere, and I see some 7900 XTs currently available, but the 7900 XTX appears to vanish instantly. I've yet to see one of those in stock anywhere other than from filthy scalpers.

    Also, I have to say Sapphire's Nitro+ model looks pretty awesome.

    This is probably the model I'd buy if I purchased this card. More importantly of course guru3d said it's the best performing 7900 XTX they've tested so far, but it doesn't hurt for the card to also look incredible.
  14. Is this forum dead?
    I ask because I'm part of the OG PVC forum from the late 90s / early 00s - I don't remember what my username was ... horsiecake? Who knows. Anyway just thought I'd look us up and here we are holy cow! Nice to see so many ol' familiar names. Is Tonberry still here? Remember the threads where we'd make horrible raps? Good times. Hugs and high fives.
  15. It's definitely not as popular as it was in its heyday, but there's still a few of us kicking around.
  16. I'm interested in seeing what the performance and pricing will be like on the lower and mid-tier cards. I guess 2022 hit a 20 year GPU sales low. Both AMD and Nvidia are cancelling chip orders for the expect drop in sales for 2023 and yet it feels like there is still a shortage of reasonably priced GPUs.
  17. It's hard to imagine what Nvidia was thinking marketing the 4070 Ti as a 4080 12GB. At 4k the 4080 12GB = 3080 12GB. There is a 0% generational increase at 4k for $100 more MSRP. 1440p gets a small bump, but it's still below the 3090. So they remarketed it as 3070 Ti and dropped the price $100 to match the 3080 MSRP. But it still doesn't change the fact that it looks like Nvidia is trying to sell the same performance as last gen for the same price.
  18. I was actually surprised that the 7900XT beats it in most traditional benchmarks without RT and doesn't fall too far behind when RT is on, I thought Nvidia would be a lot further ahead even in the midrange. Not that I consider the 7900XT to be good value, for the small price bump if you are on the red side go for the XTX.
  19. That's a gift Nvidia gave AMD. 7900XT went from an odd ball bad value card to a reasonable value when the 4070Ti came out. The two cards are priced about the same on Newegg. It makes the 7900XTX look like a better value as well. For $100 more you get 4070Ti RT performance with 4080 rasterization performance.