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  1. The 4070 is basically a more efficient 3080 with extra features for $600. It's a decent value in the 4000 lineup, but not amazing. About 22% slower than the 4070 Ti, and 25% cheaper. The 6950XT for $610 is about 5% to 20% faster in games, and has equal RT performance, but no DLSS 3.

    I ended up getting a 4070 Ti about a month ago. I mighty have gotten this instead if it was available. The 4000 series has about the same performance as the 3000. The 3000 series could support DLSS 3, but it wont because then there'd be almost no reason to get a 4000. The only reason Nvidia needed to switch the new Samsung node process was to improve power efficiency enough to make a 4090 and 4090 Ti.
  2. I guess I forgot to post that I bought the Sapphire 7900 XTX Nitro+ when it started becoming available at more sensible prices on newegg. I'm sure a motherboard and associated system RAM update would probably get more out of it, but it has so much brute strength I'm not too distressed about it right now. I plan to hold out until the next generation of CPUs before I do the major upgrades with AM5 unless something major breaks and necessitates doing that sooner.

    The big premium over the standard reference model is worth it in my view. Despite being noticeably more powerful than the 6900XT it replaced, it's both quieter and MUCH cooler.
  3. The 4060 Ti reviews are pretty crazy. Ranging from it's perfectly okay (Linus) to do not buy (Gamer Nexus) and laughably bad DOA (Hardware Unboxed). Performance wise it sits between the 3060 TI and 3070. It's even slower than the 3060 Ti when memory bus matters. The last Nvidia card with a 128mb memory bus was the 2012 650 Ti. Nvidia plans to release a 16GB version of the card in July, but I'm wondering if that extra memory will even help.

    All things considered I guess it's not bad for $400. It's just disappointing that there is no generational improvement this gen. Nvidia is giving us better power efficiency and DSLL 3, but reducing memory, memory bus, and providing very little improvement in frames/dollar.
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    8GB VRAM is bad enough, but a 128-bit memory bus is abysmal. There are older games where the narrow bus is going to shit all over performance. You’re paying the price of a 70 card ($400) and getting something that’s built like a 50 card (128-bit memory bus). EVGA leaving the GPU market makes more sense now. The 60 type cards are the biggest sellers, and they suck this time.