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  1. Any thoughts on this game? I was watching some videos and it looked pretty good.

  2. Looks good. Supposedly quest givers is a thing of the past in this game as things just randomly happen and you pick it up that way.
  3. Yeah I like that idea. It looks like quests happen randomly and joining a group is easy too. I was never interested in the first one but I might have to give this one a go.
  4. Did you take those?
  5. The game isn't out yet.. unless he was in the beta.. in which his nda has questions for him.
  6. Those are winning screenshots from a GW2 contest.
  7. Got a chance to play during a stress test. So many people at ground zero the spontaneous events were just player rape. I imagine it will get better when things thin out a bit.

    I played a Sylvari Guardian during the test but I'll probably play a Norn Warrior when the game opens.
  8. keep reporting on the game. i'm still eyeing it heavily. report on your thoughts of what you like/don't like as well as any ui/controls issues. that was one of my biggest gameplay dependencies during my time with wow.
  9. I wasn't able to play for several days but I'm starting to get back at it now. I guess one nice thing about this game is there are no subscription fees. I don't feel like I'm wasting money if I can't play. So far I like it. I need to take some time and get into a guild. It would have been easier to do before launch since I hadn't picked a server yet. Now I need to find a guild on my server.

    My current mission was created when I created my character. I opted to drink until I blacked out during a party. Now I have to right the wrongs that I did during my drunken rampage.

    I never played WoW so I have no idea how this compares. I believe it's a lot more casual since there is no fee and leveling is linear rather than on a curve like WoW. Leveling from 30 to 40 should take the same amount of time as leveling from 20 to 30.

    I'm using a riffle hammer combo. I range with the riffle and smash up close with a hammer. I like that I can switch between the 2 with a click of a button.
  10. You have any concerns about how some of the gameplay mechanics work since it's free to play? Such as getting a lockbox and not being able to open it unless you pay $$$. I hear you can also get it opened other ways such as finding an npc or something like that.
  11. To be honest the pay system seems pretty minimal. I haven't felt the need to buy anything and I haven't seen anything worth buying. You can buy all kinds of casual clothing which is silly. I picked up a free GW2 ball cap for my toon. He can wear it in those rare instances were I need him to get his head bashed in. I've only come across one Black Lion Chest but didn't see anything interesting inside.
  12. I wanted a statue this morning after marvaling at the one that came with this collector's edition but I couldn't afford it so I got a 60 dollar Witcher 2 w/ a human bust instead. I'm more interested in the OST and artbook than the bust though... does that make me gay??
  13. Gay? No. Something else, probably.
  14. You put more time into it? Fought any huge raid-like bosses yet? Also, how are the classes in your opinion? well-balanced? or have you found some classes pretty useless at the time being? i heard that there is no healer class? is this true? that all players can heal themselves just fine during battle?

    is there an over-abundance of a specific class that you've seen?
  15. Here is the breakdown of the guild I just joined. GW2 tries to break the triad of Tank-Healer-DPS. Each class has self healing capabilities and some have limited support healing. The guardian is about the closest you can get to a tank but it's also a strong support class. The warrior is cool because he can range attack in heavy armor. Thief is probably the strongest in PvP because he's so difficult to catch. Engineer and Mesmer might be the only unbalanced classes but it really depends on how well they are played. Their abilities are so unique. Engineers use turrets and mesmers use clones.

    Elementalist (13/100)
    Engineer (8/100)
    Guardian (17/100)
    Mesmer (8/100)
    Necromancer (12/100)
    Ranger (13/100)
    Thief (12/100)
    Warrior (17/100)
  16. interesting.. i'll make sure not to make a mesmer and/or engineer for my first character.

    what you also mentioned about pvp brings me up to my next question.. how is it? did you get to put some time into it? i watched a few pvp videos of it a week ago. looks like it could be fun, as it mostly resembles alterac valley in wow. pvp is actually what i did the most in wow. is the pvp a big part of guild wars? do you actually get anything out of it? or is it just something to do.
  17. Haven't tried PVP yet but I think WvW is actually more popular. That's were whole servers play against each other on really large maps. Up to 2000 players can fight to win control points. Servers that win get real advantages in PvE such as extra health. WvW also puts everyone at level 80 so the playing field is even. You can actually get equipment and level your character entirely in WvW without having ever played PvE. So in that regards it wont feel like a time waster.

    I'm just slowly going through the PVE right now but I've been meaning to try WvW.
  18. I've got one for you, WTF?? I think I just PDW'd in my BVDs
  19. shouldn't you know these terms?! you played ffxi, an mmo.

    pvp=player vs player
    pve=player vs environment

    new to you may be WvW, which is world vs. world. basically think 2 different servers pvp'ing against each other.