Gun ownership

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  1. Do you own a gun? Would you own a gun? If so, which one?

    Personally I would probably get a 1911 handgun. But I'm too accident prone to risk it.
  2. 1911? That's like a hundred year old gun. Where would you even get the bullets for something like that?
  3. I'm glad we don't have the gun issues you guys have. I wouldn't feel the need to own a gun here but I'd probably buy one if I lived in the States.
  4. I can't tell if you're joking. It takes .45ACP which you can find at any gun or sporting goods store. Plenty of modern guns use .45ACP like the Vector SMG.

    The 1911 isn't bad. I find it very comfortable to shoot and pretty accurate. But the magazine is tiny compared to modern automatics.

    I have an FN Five Seven and a .308 Savage.
  5. What's a .45ACP? And is that bottom gun made of wood from the same era as the gun supersonic wants? Surely they'd have made some more advanced ones by now, or is he just after a cool classic?
  6. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic.

    The vector is a state of the art SMG. It makes the recoil of .45 more manageable by directing the force downwards, so that it can be used in full auto.
  7. So it directs te recoil downwards? How does it do that? And isn't that 1900s gun of supersonics an ordinary pistol? How does a smg compare? Which one's the vector?
  8. My Dad was a gun collector and hunter so we always had guns around the house. He taught me gun safety and by the time I was 14 I had a 410 shotgun and when I was 16 I got a 30-06 riffle. My Dad also made all of his own bullets. He melted the lead and poured the powder. He knew all the science behind the metal composition and ballistics. For him it was a hobby and I never got into it like he did.

    Now I have a 9mm but I've always wanted a black powder pistol. There is something beautiful and simple about them. If I had a place to shoot it I'd get one.

  9. The vector is in the picture I posted. This video from future weapons should tell you more about it. I saw one recently at a gun shop, but it was disgustingly expensive.

    Submachine guns obviously have bigger magazines and can be fired in full auto, but most still use pistol calibers like 9mm or .45ACP and have short barrels, which limits their range and effectiveness against armor. Some newer SMGs like the MP7 and P90 use scaled down assault rifle cartridges and can penetrate body armor.

    The 1911 is old, but it's still one of the best designed, most reliable pistols money can buy, and .45ACP is a big round with great single shot stopping power. The only thing I don't like about it is the seven round magazine. That's puny compared to something modern. If he can afford a Colt 1911 he should get that, but Springfield Armory makes a decent 1911 too.
  10. Are you expecting armoured thieves to come a-calling or something? What if you shoot your widescreen telly by mistake?

    And how many guns were good in 1911?
  11. Thieves actually do wear body armor in the US. No joke.
  12. Wait... So thieves steal to get money to buy their guns and body armour so that they can steal?
  13. A pre-ban assault rifle would be nice, but I would prefer a handgun for concealment. Also, unless you're fighting hoards of zombies 7-8 round 1911 .45 > 17 round 9mm.
  14. So a .45 is what? Length of bullets?
  15. Is there much of a death threat to everyone in the US that everyone needs a gun, or is it just a way to show off your manhood? I am with you Monsly, I am glad we don't have that policy down here. Imagine all the chavs and towny's wielding legal guns!?
  16. Home invasions have a tendency to get particularly nasty here:,_Connecticut,_home_invasion_murders

    TLDR: During the course of one home invasion, father beaten to near death with a baseball bat, mother forced to withdraw money from bank then raped and strangled to death, two teenage daughters raped and set on fire in their beds, house burnt to the ground.
  17. Diameter.
  18. Why not go with S&W .40? High stopping power and a large magazine.

    Assault rifles are useless for protection. Get a 12 gauge shotgun instead.
  19. Guns and body armor are tools of the trade, especially if you plan to rob banks, armored trucks, stores etc where you may encounter armed resistance. But even guys doing home invasions are known to wear body armor. You can buy a kevlar vest for a few hundred dollars.
  20. The problem with large magazines is they fatten up the gun. The 1911 isn't much wider than cellphones, it's absolutely perfect for concealed carry + stopping power.


    PA scores a D- on the Brady Bill (anti-gun) campaign website. So we should be a horrible place with bullet riddled corpses everywhere. But it's almost the opposite. We don't generally have home invasions or violent robberies in PA, because it is pretty well know that some old man is gonna blow your fucking head off. On the off chance he misses, his wife will get you. Our gun crimes are committed almost exclusively in Philly, which has very strict gun laws so only criminals have them.