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  1. For concealed carry I would probably get an H&K P2000 in DAO. The 1911 is a good home defense gun, but it's kind of heavy. I don't think I could do a Glock for concealed carry because frankly the safety (or lack thereof) along with the light trigger scares me. You could also do a S&W snub nosed .38.
  2. Wow alot of gun knowledgement here:p
    Always have had intrest in them, but nothing is allowed here. Not even soft air....

    If it would be allowed, and safe, i would want this one. Its said to be able to stop African elephants. Its using the 454 Casull round. Anyone can confirm thats true, by one shot?

  3. With the recoil on that beast, an elephant is about the only thing you'd be able to hit!
  4. I dont think you have to, since people will think twice about invading your home.
    And if they do, seeing that gun will make em run.
  5. .44 magnum isn't that bad, especially with a heavy gun like that. Shoot something like .50BMG, .50AE, or .45-70 and we'll talk about recoil.
  6. [​IMG]



    Like those? ;)
  7. Some classics:

  8. I've never owned a gun and have never been in a situation where I felt like I needed one. I would probably consider gun ownership for personal protection if I lived in a rural or isolated area, but I've always lived in cities.
  9. My entire family is from Vermont, which is about as rural and isolated as it gets, so I grew up around people who kept a lot of guns. My grandfather had a huge collection, which included a lot of stuff he captured from the Germans in WW2.
  10. Gun ownership, what a joke.
  11. 30-06 pistol.


  12. You Brits are pussies for giving up the right to protect yourselves.
  14. We didn't give up the right to protect ourselves, we gave up the possibility of anyone on the street shooting you dead at any time. If you need a gun to protect yourself then you're the pussies. You'd only need to protect yourself with a gun if someone was coming at you with a gun. I love the mentality, "If everyone has a gun we'll all be safe". Lolz. When was the last time someone in England shot up their school killing a load of people? Seems like it's becoming an annual tradition in the states. If people have guns, people will be shot by guns. Fact.
  15. Psycho/Sociopath + guns = bad.

    But why take it out on everyone.
  16. I never understood the removal of the assault weapons ban here in the U.S., other than it's a lucrative market for the gun industry. People don't need assault weapons to defend themselves or for hunting/sport use, so the argument for selling them to the general population can only be about the $$$.
  17. That's not quite right since you can easily be shot dead on the street at any time; the anti-gun laws we have don't guarantee you won't be shot dead just that it's less likely.

    Someone who wants a gun for nefarious reasons can very easily acquire one. The fact that our own cops don't carry weapons, (except traffic cops and S019), probably does play a part in seriously reducing gun crime in the UK but don't for a second think that it stops it.

    Or a knife. I know if someone was coming at me with a knife to stab me to death or cut my throat I'd rather have a gun. Or if they had a chainsaw...same story..i'd like the gun. Or basically any instrument another person could kill you with; it's like rock, paper, scissors but with one option that just trumps everything else.

    Only last year there were kids caught at school with firearms. They're regularly caught with knives and other weapons. And do you remember last year a guy went around Cumbria in his taxi just killing anyone he could aim his gun at? Liverpool is rife with illegal guns; remember that kid who got shot by another one on his bike a couple of years ago? Birmingham is the gun capital of the UK. Go back a bit further to Dunblane...

    They also get shot if they don't have guns; you're not making a very convincing argument.

    What the gun control in the UK does is prevent the stupid accidents which happen all the time; someone accidently blows their head off cleaing a gun or their kids get hold of it and shoot their brother or sister in the face. Or old grandpa thinks he has a burglar at Christmas and kills his grandchildren or wife in a case of mistaken identity. Or those crimes of passion where a cheated on husband reaches for his .38 and shoots his whore wife or vice versa..

    Personally I'm glad we don't have guns, but in a country where seemingly everyone is packing I know I'd have one if I lived there..
  18. Yeah, because real life is like the Karate Kid where your Kung Fu chop is going to save you from someone with a gun or a knife. Get real.

    The criminals in your country still have guns, but law abiding citizens can't have them for protection. Way to go. You also have laws that put criminals' rights ahead of victims rights. Thankfully in most parts of the US we have the Castle Doctrine where we can legally kill intruders.

    Also, schools get targeted by psychos because they're about the only places you can go here where people don't have guns. Anywhere else they'd be shot dead in about 30 seconds. Thankfully some states are changing the laws so college students can carry.
  19. Violent crime has actually continued its steady decline since the expiration of the assault weapons ban. I would never own an assault rifle because I just don't find them useful for anything other than showing off at the range, but I don't see why people shouldn't be able to own them. Gun stores do make a killing on semi-automatic rifles and Class 3 stuff. It's kind of ridiculous because you know that police or the military don't pay anything close to what a private individual does for these weapons.
  20. Great. If more people have guns we will be safer? I bet if guns were outlawed in America there would be a hell of a lot less shootings. Why would you not want that?

    I honestly wouldn't feel safe walking down the street in America because it's very possible that everyone I walk past has a gun.

    I just don't understand how more people carrying guns can lead to LESS shootings??? Might as well carry a hand grenade in your pocket, let's see people attack you then. Or walk down the street with an RPG launcher, the streets would surely be safer if everyone could kill each other more easily.

    Or is it a case of "we have firearms so that we need never use them"? I have no sympathy for a country that allows every Joe Bloggs to have a gun then seems to act surprised when a bunch of people get shot to death.