Gun ownership

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  1. As a serious question, is it allowed to have/carry an RPG there in the States?
  2. No.

    Although with a class 3 permit you can buy fully automatic weapons.
  3. are you allowed to carry them around with you? I'd get the biggest gun i could, no one would mess with me then
  4. Why would there be fewer deaths? Criminals would still be able to get them. We have big gang problems that are probably hard for you Brits to comprehend with the drug war spilling over from Mexico. Psychos would still find a way to get them, or they'd find some other way to kill large numbers of people like homemade explosives.

    And actually since the assault weapons ban expired, gun violence has decreased.
  5. Aha, cause i sometimes watch Alaska State Troopers, there you can carry guns without a permit, if am right. And when they stop a car, the police always asks if they are having any guns, rifles, or rocket launchers. Never knew if they were just joking there.
  6. Yes. You just need a concealed carry permit. You take a class and wait a few months.

    Some states allow open carry too.
  7. does it count as concealed if i wrap it in a paper bag or something? Could i disguise it as a walking stick?
  8. You have to conceal it on your body somewhere, like in a waist holster or a coat pocket.

    Also, big guns suck for concealment. You want something small and light.
  9. but if it's really unsubtle concealment then i won't get messed with
  10. You seem to be missing the point of concealment. The whole point is that no one knows you have a gun. And when anyone could be packing, criminals are less likely to mess with people.
  11. but if they know i'm packing, they'd be even less likely to try anything, right?
  12. Why does it matter? If they mess with you then you blow them away.
  13. but if they know i'm carrying a huge gun, then i won't have to worry about anyone trying to mess with me and i can potter around the shops at my leisure.
  14. Would be great to scare a gang of Chavs with one. Shoot out all of their cider bottles! Boom!
  15. Hahahaha, that reminded me of this greatness:
  16. Theres really alot of ways to disguise your arsenal.

  17. Is it allowed to have a minigun?
  18. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say no.
  19. Yea just wondering, a minigun perhaps would be in the same class as an RPG but ye dunno. Guess you cant have flametrowers either.
  20. I was watching Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood last night. When I got to this scene I instantly thought of this thread lol.

    It gets relevant at 30 seconds.

    p.s. how the hell do you get the video to appear on this site rather than a damn link?