Half-Life Alyx - New VR HL Game from Valve

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    A new Half Life game is coming from Valve. Unfortunately it’s VR only for now. Maybe this will be the killer app that VR needs to finally get off the ground, but I doubt it.

    My guess would be that this doesn’t do well in the beginning due to the VR requirement and that it quickly gets a non-VR release.

    Also I do worry that the moment has passed for a new HL game. Has the younger Fortnite crowd ever even heard of HL?

  2. It's one of my favorite series starring one of my all-time favorite characters, but I don't have any VR gear. I hope it does well and encourages them to make more HL games.
  3. Should be interesting. Valve tends to push the boundaries of gaming technology. I wouldn't expect them to release something mediocre.
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    I think this is a way for them to test the waters for a modern HL game in an environment where the stakes are lower. If they released a full blown HL3 or HL2 Ep3 it could kill the franchise because the expectations would be impossible. But VR is a really niche thing. This game could flop and hardly anyone would notice or care.

    It also wouldn't surprise me if this ends with a flash forward that resolves the cliffhanger from Ep2.

    If this does well we could see a HL3. If not, HL might go back to being a dormant franchise. Which is fine. I don't really want HL3 unless it's a mind-blowing experience like the other two games.
  5. A wild HLA trailer appeared!

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    looks really good but still probably won’t be enough to get me to buy a VR headset. I have a feeling this is going to end up on one of those “greatest games that no one played” lists.
  7. I decided to buy the PSVR headset today after learning third party software can get it working on PC and the PSVR allows you to watch 3D movies, including 3D Blu-rays. My TV doesn't support 3D nor do any of the newer OLEDs from what I've read. I was already curious to discover a way to play this HL game. I investigated reviews and got the impression some of the VR games are pretty solid now. I will be getting Astro Bot, Skyrim VR, and Resident Evil 7 included with the headset. I'm probably going to get burned by a superior version of PSVR being released for PS5 in a year or two, but if nothing else I'll know for myself if I'm into VR enough to spend more on it.

  8. Looks ok. I'm not a fan of the teleporting, but I guess it's to prevent motion sickness. I'm not really seeing much of anything that you couldn't do with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, so wouldn't surprise me if this gets a non-VR release at some point.
  9. I think there is a very strong chance this is going to be ported to PS5.


    Valve could have very easily just flatly denied it even if they did plan to do a Playstation version later and just didn't want to be bothered with any of that right now. Their comments suggested pretty strongly to me they want in on the PSVR market. Sony has also confirmed PSVR (the PS4 version) is compatible with PS5 without any ambiguity whatsoever unlike other things they've only teased. I've been wondering if Half-Life: Alyx for PS5 could be part of their console reveal given they've got a pretty decent chunk of the VR gaming market and pretty solid software support. That would be huge for the +5 million who have bought the PSVR headset. VR fans are typically fortunate to get good VR ports of popular franchises let alone exclusivity of a friggin' Half-Life game to PS5 and PSVR. It would look very good for Sony in terms of marketing their new upcoming console and VR division of gaming.
  10. Reviews are excellent. Lots of 9s and 10s. Player count is really low on Steam. There are like 2-4 times as many people playing Doom Eternal at any given time. Going VR only has made this game very niche it seems.
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  12. Digital Foundry was thoroughly impressed.