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  1. Well the the rumours were correct, Halo 4 was announced and shown off yesterday.


    Not really of any interest to me but some of you might be Halo fans.
  2. I used to be a huge Halo fan and played the first 3 on coop like it was going out of fashion. I never got round to buying ODST even though I wanted to, and my Xbox broke before Reach came out. I think it's probably too late to get back into Halo since I've played many amazing shooters since 3, but I do want to follow the story. I'm conflicted.
  3. The story telling in the main Halo games did fuck all for me. I had no real clue what was going on by the third. 1 and 3 were still excellent games though. Picked up ODST and Reach for £14 last month so I should get around to playing them at some point.
  4. When I buy a new slim 360 I'm going to buy ODST and Reach and play the shit out of them until Halo 4 comes out... or Gears 3 whichever's sooner.
  5. I didn't hear any price reductions? ofc my feed ended in the middle of the sony conferance (11:30 on gametrailers :()
  6. I knew the gist of what was going on but never got the bigger picture until I replayed 1 & 2. When the first Halo came out I remember calling it the best shooter ever. By the time Halo 3 came out it just felt really dated and I think that kind of got to me. I was expecting Halo 3 to be supremely amazing but was left thinking it was just Halo 2.5 rather than a new game on a new generation on consoles. It underwhelmed me big time.
  7. MS Y U NO RLS HALO 3, ODST, REACH FOR PC??!?!?!?!?
  8. I'm more excited about Halo CE 10th Anniversary. That alone would be a reason for me to buy a 360. It's a good thing I'll have BF3, Skyrim and Uncharted 3 to distract me from making a stupid decision like that.
  9. Is this still by Bungie or is someone else developing it?

    Who are 344 industries?
  10. Off the top of my head I'm guessing the guys who made ODST. Bungie's 'B' team that they left behind when they divorced MS.
  11. Exactly. They're the B-Team. 343 is a lot like Treyarch or Obsidian. They're who you call in when you need a quick and dirty cash-in sequel. I wouldn't expect much of the Halo franchise from here on out.
  12. You expected much from the Halo franchise before? The only game that didn't suck was Halo 1.
  13. I was under the impression that 343 is just a publisher name Microsoft coined for a division of their business whose sole purpose in is to pimp the shit out of Halo in games, movies, videos and other merchandise. They're not developers.

    As I understood it, Gearbox Software were developing Halo 4. An interesting rumour that's doing the rounds is Halo 4 is going to be the third person Halo game that was being talked about before Reach arrived; would make sense given Gearbox's history with the Brothers in Arms games. I also kinda liked the BIA games and I'm also keen to see their Colonial Marine game based on the Aliens franchise.

    EDIT: I understood wrong. They've poached some people from Gearbox to make the game, namely Corrine Yu who is quite hot for a lead programmer:


    She did most of the engine design and coding on Borderlands and the BiA games....So yeah, hot chick making Halo 4.
  14. Gearbox is busy with a game of their own (Band of Brothers I think) atm so maybe you got confused on that. Great publishers though, ODST was a bit repetitive, but still very good. Not Bungie-type good, but still.
  15. Why on earth do you think ODST was made by anyone other than Bungie? Every Halo game up to Reach was made by Bungie and no one else.
  16. We aren't all perfect bro. If you hear it was made by a bunch of ex-gearbox employees one MIGHT mistake the game to be made by Gearbox itself.
  17. But no one said it was made by a bunch of ex-gearbox employees...that's why I'm confused as to why people think other people did it?
  18. I didn't realise ex-Gearbox people were involved. That's encouraging, given how awesome Borderlands was. I need to give Reach a proper try soon, looked pretty damn good from my early experiences.
  19. granted you didn't say the stuff in parenthesis, I'm just paraphrasing your former sentence, but really, you said it yourself! How do you not understand this now??

    Unfortunately I forget where I read it, but yeah, I heard these guys were from gearbox and worked on odst too. The one thing that REALLY impressed me from odst was the presentation. The friggen trailers were AWESOME :D.
  20. friesboy, are you saying gearbox is still working on the bros in arms series? good god, someone needs to tell them the ww2 fps phase is over.