Halo: Combat Evolved Remake

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  1. Yes they're remastering the original Halo. I spent far too many hours playing through the campaign and messing about on this game back in the day with a couple of mates. I know Halo feels dated these days but it'll be worth getting for the nostalgia alone. Fond memories indeed.

  2. they should've done this for their next console. You know they'll be remastering all the games than they'll release the Xbox Reach and will be wishing for an updated Halo for that system. They simply ran out of ideas and needed more time, but imo they should have made a comic not waste our time on a videogame that would be obselete in 2 years.
  3. I think this is specific to a 10 year anniversary for Halo CE. Sounds better than some off-beat number like 12 year anniversary or something.
  4. So are you saying all games released between now and the next generation of consoles are pointless?
  5. since I don't have a current gen console no. I'm saying they should all be cheap as hell. And most likely, in the near future, folks will start to wish for 'updates' to the best of these... it's just how the end of console lifespans normally work. (GCN was an acception as the Wii had very little technical advantage).
  6. We aren't at the end of console lifespans yet.
  7. If they were offering this for PC on Steam for something reasonable, like say $20, I would buy it. Halo CE was the only good Halo.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised to see in on PC, I know the original was.
  9. The original was kind of pathetic on PC as they took out coop mode. Who does that? Sure it had real deal online mp deathmatches with extra maps and even added the banshee.. but one of the biggest mp modes in the game?

    And don't even get me started on Halo 2. Again no coop at all plus they made it exclusive for windows vista.. wtf?

    If they're not going to make a serious attempt at a PC port, don't even bother.
  10. you mean who plays coop on pc or who takes a prior mode out of a perfectly good game?
  11. I meant more like coop was one of the modes that made Halo the popular game that it is today, and they removed it from the PC port. I buy some games JUST FOR the coop mode so I was quite disgusted when I found that out.
  12. Probably the latter.
  13. There is a preview available.


    Its had a bit of an upgrade but it doesn't look special. Its gone all Monkey Island, you can switch between updated and old graphics.

    The only odd thing is that it says 'unlike the original game you will be able to bring another human player to tackle the game co-operatively'. I know I played this 2 player split screen with a friend on the XBOX? Maybe they mean via XBOX live?
  14. I spent 95% of my time playing the first two Halo games in split screen co-op, what they've said does seem odd indeed.
  15. Pretty sure they mean over XBOX Live.