Happy Birthday DreamCast 12Years

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  1. comes to my mind 9-9-99 ,Looks like yesterday when i arrive to Electronic boutique and i get my new console with two games,Sonic Adventure and Blue Stinger and the official DreamCast tshirtI also get the first dreamcast magazine collector edition in a sealed plastic bag.

    Wow,i'm getting old.
  2. and dead by 9-9-2001 RIP
  3. i think ,nope
    actually is play by a millions in the world and i heard that some company still making games.
    This is what i found :(don't know if this info is true.)

  4. It was way too easy to pirate DC games, and the system got totally overshadowed by the PS2.
  5. even if Sega came out with a successor to the dreamcast they would not name it the dreamcast 2. that is a thing of the passed. Also Shenmue is very dead too :/
  6. Yeah they definitely wouldn't name it the Dreamcast 2, the Dreamcast pretty much killed Sega in the console market. I don't think Shenmue is really dead, there's still millions of gamers who would jump at the chance to play a third game in the series, me included.
  7. There is always a possibility of a Shenmue 3. Suzuki still wants to finish it off and supposedly he actually finished the story script for it but Sega have never wanted to spend big on a third Shenmue as the two Shenmues did not really sell that great even though so many people love it.

    Wait until the two Shenmues get released on PSN and XBL and if they sell really well Shenmue 3 may be a possibility one day.

    Funnily enough I was going through some of my old stuff at my Grans yesterday and I happened upon my old Dreamcast. I may have to give it a while for old times sake, I think I have Shenmue 2 somewhere.
  8. What the hell is Shenmue? It sounds like some kind of a shoe. Also, it only has a 7.8 on Gamespot, so it can't be that good.

    Another big part of the reason the DC died is that most of the games, even the supposedly "good" ones, were bargain bin crap.

    DC was a terrible system that people only remember fondly because it was the last thing Sega produced. Crappy games, really easy to pirate stuff, shitty controller...it died for good reason.
  9. Crappy games? So both of the Shenmues, Jet Set Radio, Grandia 2, Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online, Power Stone and both the Sonic Adventure games were crap were they? Give me a break.

    I bet you did not even play one.
  10. I did actually. My friend picked one up at Gamestop for $20 on clearance in 2003. The games were so bad I spent most of the time while we were playing it just laughing at him for buying it. Even $20 seemed like way too much. It was a dumpster system. It had the worst controllers I've ever used.

    And yes, all of those games you listed sound pretty mediocre or shitty. If that's the best it had to offer against Halo, Metal Gear, GTA, Zelda, and Metroid, I can see why no one bought it.
  11. it was hands down the best system for sports and 2d games. Nothing even came close to that system for 2d games. Remember that it was the system that spawned the nfl and nba 2k series that clobbered ea sports. Not an easy feat. Also the only system that did marvel vs. capcom series right. I also had a good time with the fighters snk released for it.

    Remember that the ps2 didn't come out until a full year after the dc did, at least in the US. and to top that off, the launch titles for it were total garbage. So the dc actually looked better than the ps2 for a good while. And remember dead or alive 2 for dc and dead or alive 3 for xbox? Yeah, that tells you alot.

    2003 is pretty late to try a system and on top of that, had no new software. Can't really make judgment on that. It's like judging the xbox in 2005 when you've never played it before, and MS dropping support for it in 2003.
  12. That made me laugh so hard in the middle of a restaurant!
  13. so because it's expensive it's gonna be good?? Only reason Dreamcast games hit the bargain bin so quick was BECAUSE they were so easy to pirate thus not worth the shelve space.
  14. Not sure if monkey is just instigating cuz it's really hard to watch such nostalgia for some ppl, or if he really doesn't know, like his netbooks issue.

    Sure some of the games (Shenmue) have faded into obscurity but all of the better ones have each had their day. Some like Powerstone, MvC2, Soul Caliber are STILL trying to be lived up to.
  15. @monkey

    You have to understand all the awesome games on the Dreamcast came out before the likes of Halo, Metal Gear (2), GTA (3) and so on, it wasn't really competing against anything because it came out a full year before even the PS2, at the time it was the best console out, being the first of a new generation and all. I'm not surprised you played on it in 2003 and thought it was crap, by then we had all those awesome games you mentioned.

    If you've never played Shenmue you wouldn't understand how awesome it was, don't bother playing it now, you wouldn't understand because games have come a long way since then. In it's time it was amazing, it was a "live 'em up". You basically lived this guys' life as he hunted for his father's murderer. You could spend your time down the local arcade playing games like Space Harrier and Hang On (the game was set in the mid 1980's) and playing darts in that game was too addictive! Best darts sim ever :)
  16. As well as becoming a kung fu master with real moves and not button bashing everything like most games with that same battle system. Shenmue was also the first game to use the QTE(Quick Time Event) system we now see in some games such as Resident Evil 4. There is also a Shenmue feel to heavy Rain. Add that to a great story and you have a winner.
  17. I still have my beloved DC and as i said before i remember those days 12 years ago

    "wassup people"!tell something to remember 12 years ago when you get your DreamCast
  18. The Matrix, one of the most influential movies of my generation is 12 years old. Saw it in the cinema, loved it.

    Going back to Shenmue for a second. It's the only game I've ever played where you get told off by your mum for coming home too late lol.
  19. His mum, I thought it was his Gran or Auntie?
  20. It was the retarded thinking at sega that gave us the 32X, the mega CD and the Saturn that actually killed the Dreamcast - if they hadn't made pointless (32X), rushed (CD) and fundamentally flawed (saturn) earlier consoles then the DC would've had more interest, which was a shame really as it had the online functionality and casual games that we have now in the current gen 11yrs ago.