Happy Birthday Sega Dreamcast 16 years of memories

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    The launch date
    "56K warning",jaja
    9-9-99 the date that many of you will not forget .Many of you were kids and now many of you have kids ,like me and now i'm getting old but with the same emotion as 16 years ago.My Dreamcast still alive and also still play many of my DC favorites
    Phantasy Star Online how many of you played online for the first time?.....

    well there's a lot to talk about this console so hope you share your thought after 16 years of launch of the first 128 Mbites and built in modem online playing machine.
  2. lol that best buy line is not of the sega dreamcast launch. it's of the xbox 360 launch. i dont remember any lines at all for the dreamcast. i think shenmue was the most hyped game for it? and even then, it didn't sell as crazy as other titles of competing systems at the same time.

    there's a lot of explanations why this system died as early as it did.
  3. Dreamcast was still the era of 'kids play videogames'. That is the Call of Dudebro crowd... The Dreamcast was still a solid console and SEGANET was impressive in an era where technology wasn't up to par with the idea. SEGA didn't have the money to compete with the PS2 hype machine. Combined with no piracy protection and EA blackballing it died a heroic death.
  4. I remember buying a Dreamcast at Best Buy in 2001 or so and there was a random teenage kid in the aisle that said "You're buying a Dreamcast?" and had this look on his face like nobody should still be buying them.
  5. lil dude was from the future.. that's the most he could've hinted to you without diving into causality
  6. My friend bought one of these things for like $50 in 2003 when Gamestop was trying to get rid of them. Even at that price I thought it was a waste of money and laughed at him for buying one. The controllers were like bricks. It had no games worth mentioning. The graphics looked like poo. It flopped because it sucked. Happy birthday turd system that nobody wanted.
  7. it had plenty of awesome games.. just no fanbase for the console.

    Remember visual concepts? they're the developers they gave ea sports a run for their money and were owned by sega at that time. they single handedly murdered ea's nba live series. who knows what could've happened if the nfl didn't sign a deal with ea for years and years of exclusivity? i bet visual concepts would've knocked madden off the top too.

    it was also the system that all developers tried new things on.

    on top of that, it was THE system for 2D fighting games.
  8. Like what? We tried some of the games. They were pretty much all bad.

    Should've been called the Sega Turdcast
  9. Samba de amigo and seaman
  10. honestly though, you had me thinking. recalling my memories of dreamcast mostly brings up alot of nba 2k series, marvel vs capcom, marvel vs capcom 2, capcom vs snk, daytona usa, mr. driller, powerstone, virtua tennis, and the last blade 2 sessions.

    i also spent some time on phantasy star online. bought shenmue and hated it. i was one of the weirdos that like bangai-o
  11. It had many great games, but by 2003 standout exclusive content was limited. Everything had been ported to PS2. For $50 this was worth the cost of admission:

  12. @khaid: I thought Bangai-o was considered a cult classic. I really enjoyed it - pretty sure I completed it. Had a really mad final boss. Shame the sequels have been a bit poor.
  13. I have or have played every Dreamcast RPG and damned proud of it!
    Beat Evolution 1
    Played Evolution 2 (Still own but SO BORING)
    Have Southern Cross: Evolution (a sort of seaman type RPG... sounds SO cool but I've just not got to it!)
    Beat Grandia 2 (multiple times... including just a few days ago!! currently playing anniversary edition!)
    Beat Skies of Acadia (multiple times xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jatokbW8uxQ I made that transgender Osman say he hates me xD)
    Played but don't own Record of Lodoss War
    Played and sold Silver
    Have Timestalkers
    Have Shining Ark?
    Played Elemental Gimmick Gear (forget if I still have it)
    Played and own PSO (and v.2... on PC...)
    Played Pier Solar HD (on PS4 but WANT it on DC- is it out yet??... this doesn't count in my collection btw as it's NOT kannon...)

    yeah that's just NA releases but... I know a guy on YT that owns EVERYTHING ever made (first party and some third party including all home brews released on disc! not sure if he's scoured the internet for unreleased roms like Half Life lol but he has Pier Solar et all... he's surely missing a vga adaptor or chinese knockoff or two) in JP, EU, Aus, NA whatever! His collection (including a number of stand up cabinets) is INSANE. And no he has no connection to working at Sega or anything.
  14. I've never heard of most of the games you just mentioned. I never owned a Dreamcast since I was 14 and was saving up for the PS2, but I had friends who owned them. Some great games I loved playing on the Dreamcast were Soul Calibur, Sonic Adventure, Shenmue, Dynamite Cop... uh... that's about it I think.

    I remember seeing the intro to Soul Calibur and thinking "No way is this in-game graphics, this is a pre-rendered scene for sure." When I found out it WAS in game, I nearly shat myself excitement.

    This is the intro that blew me away. Lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uos6AFq0uD8
  15. You've been told lol I really suggest you give Skies of Arcadia a try (on DC or Gamecube, the Gamecube one is much more affordable even a little more user friendly... but the DC original will always be best xD)
  16. i'm actually surprised you didn't hear about skies of arcadia and grandia. those were the biggest rpgs out during that time. iirc, original pvc forum had a skies of arcadia monster thread.
  17. WHAT!?? You havent played Skies?? You must play that JRPG masterpiece!! Grandia 2 is also quality.
  18. I wouldn't say masterpiece, its 80 hours of cutlass fury over and over again. The battles are really just a case of boost and use specials over and over.