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  1. Sennheiser - HD 650 on sale for $290 (the HD600 are $245).

  2. Yeah these have been on sale a lot lately. I even saw the HD700 on sale for a good price.
  3. Decided to pick up a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro headphones….32 ohm version. Good for mobile use around the casa and travel, or possibly at work.
  4. The HD 600s are worth it for that price. They were a big jump in build quality and sound quality over the HD 555s in my opinion. They are also very comfortable if you have long ears like I do.
  5. Those are nice closed cans. I had a par for a few months but decided I was going to stick with open ones so I sold them.
  6. Got them yesterday and they're...uhhhh…quite a bit larger than I thought they would be. I don't know if these are going to work so well for travel, but they certainly sound good. Not necessarily the most comfortable headphones I've tried. They really clamp your head out of the box, but I think I can break them in. But sound wise, these are superior to the Sennheiser 598s that I have.
  7. Hahaha. When you said mobile use I though...okay. Obviously it works for some people but they're not small like the Bose QuietComforts that people like to travel with.
  8. The perils of online ordering. Beyerdynamic specifically markets them as "great for mobile", and the 32 ohm version is less expensive soooooo…I just assumed that they would have a more mobile-ish form factor. Still, they'll be okay for home use.
  9. Are you going??

    If anyone from here goes might make the trip down :p
  10. No. I wont be in London any time soon. They started doing a show in my area a couple of years ago which is pretty good. It's combined with a high end audio show so in addition to getting to try all the latest headphone I get to listen to some $20k speaker setups.

    Some of the stuff will make you go WTF.

  11. So Bfun.. HD800s are being shipped to me next week.

    I hear the DAC in the HDV800 is pretty sub par.. what do you recommend?
  12. I have no idea. That's way outside my price range. I listened to the HD800 when it first came out but back then no one really knew what to match it to. Have you had a chance to listen to them? They are the most accurate and neutral dynamic headphone I've ever tried. However that perfection comes at the cost of emotion. Some people love that and some people try to warm it up a little with the amp/DAC. Woo Audio makes some of the best amps and DACs for the HD600/650 but the HD800 is something completely different.

    The sound stage on those is absolutely amazing. I always wondered how it would do with gaming. You'll have to let me know.
  13. I have a shortlist.

    Audiolab Q Dac - and some form of headphone amp
    Naim V-DAC - and Headline 2 (Not sure headline is powerful enough however)
    Grace Audio M920 - I can't believe Massdrop had this for $1390 :(
    Chord Hugo - DAC and AMP combo in one - looks a bit too quirky though :S

    I love the sound and quality of Naim - they are so robust I love it.
    Grace Audio has that lovely cross feed ability which is perfect for playing around with.

    Too much choice!
  14. I got the Schiit audio Valhalla 2 because it seemed like best option for now. I might go for the woo audio 6 later down the line. The H800s still haven't been delivered yet.. damn europeans. Should be here for next week. In the interim it gave me a chance to demo them on my HD600.. wow I didn't think there would be such a difference in amps and how they deliver music. Making me question my source components now :(
  15. Lol shit audio
  16. they know what they're doing with their name.

  17. A USB Decrapifier? I call bullshit.
  18. you mean bullschiit..

    it's not the only product that does that. usb 3.0 creates a ton of noise and interference. back in the early days, it used to kill bluetooth and WiFi connections. even modern motherboards do similar things such as gigabyte's usb dac-up along with Asus and msi's similar technology.
  19. Decent USB cables go a long way towards reducing that. I learnt this from installing my dashcams