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  1. Hmm. The only time I've had issues with USB and audio is when there isn't a proper ground. I've swapped between fiber and USB on my DAC and haven't noticed any difference.
  2. New fam
  3. That's some nice looking Schiit.
  4. Now discovered there is a background hiss with this amp :(
    Damnit.. problem is it sounds so much better than my Solid State..

  5. That's not good. Call the company?
  6. I've emailed them. The dealer thinks that on high gain on these tube amps a small amount of hiss is to be expected. You have tube amps right? do you experience anything like this?
  7. I think so. High gain on low impedance headphones like my Grados can cause hiss. Tube amps are more susceptible to it. I've been using solid state now for a few years and I kept all my tube amps on low gain so it hasn't been a regular issue for me. I'd say move it to another room to rule out any interference. If it's just one side it might be a tube. Also keep the gain set to low unless you really need the high gain. High is just magnifying any existing hiss.
  8. Using on low gain now, on a higher volume and there is zero hiss.

    HD800 arrives tomorrow

    I got a Chord Mojo DAC - so will be Mojo -> Valhalla 2 -> headphone.. will let you know how it sounds.. nervous and excited in similar amounts!
  9. Have you ever tried them? If not they will probably be a lot bigger than expected. Very comfortable though. I'd love to know how they do for gaming.
  10. They are indeed huge!! The sound is not what I expected it to be.. its a lot harsher on electronic music than my HD600.. so will be keeping those around for a while! For classical, metal and Jazz this thing is on another level. The Chord Mojo has also added a new dimension to the music. Really excited about things I'll try on this in the coming months / days.
  11. Yeah they are nothing at all like the HD600 or any other Sennheiser which kind of bothered some of the long time fans. That micro detail and accuracy can be unforgiving with some music but Jazz and vocals should be amazing. There is also a HD700 which I believe is supposed spit the difference between the HD600 and HD800 but I've never heard it.
  12. I got the Sony1000X noise canceling headphones to take with me on flights. I haven't got a chance to try them on a flight yet but the noise canceling feature works really well. The sound quality isn't great compared to wired headphones but I mostly watch movies when I fly.
  13. I got some HD650s to have as a daily driver, man it sounds so muffled compared to the HD800 :(
    Still enjoying it, got some NS40s from AKG for commutes.
  14. So why would you use the HD650 if you have the HD800s?

    I bought another AD900X for my daily PC use. I wore my first pair out with years of use.
  15. The HD800 isnt the best for gaming, the shilly nature of the highs can get grating. The HD650s seem to be better, but kind of wish I hadn't given away my HD600s for free! they are 100% better than the HD650s!
  16. The 600s are awesome. Comfortable. Neutral sounding. Exactly what you want out of headphones you use every day.
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  17. My daily drivers the AKG N40 started crackling, so I got the Shure SE846 dayum these babies are so good. I am only using my AK70 to power them and it sounds much cleaner than the N40.
  18. I've taken a hiatus from major home audio purchases due to constant changes in technology, particularly the upcoming HDMI 2.1. I feel like anything I buy is going to be obsolete soon. I've just been using a SteelSeries 840 headset for gaming while I wait for all these tech advancements to settle down. I'm really curious about gear that is more high end, though.
  19. Home Audio isn't really advancing that fast. You can get good headphones, amp and you'll be fine. The only things likely to change are DACs. I really enjoy the DACs from Chord Electronics. I have the Mojo for portable listening and a Qutest for my main system. Chord really is the antidote to the snake oil rubbish that is out there. I'd suggest you give the Chord Mojo a whirl with your favourite music on some good headphones. It is a pure joy to use them every time I switch it on.
  20. I've wanted to try some of those muti-driver iems but I haven't used mobile audio in awhile.