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  1. Does anyone have any experience with the Massdrop HD 6XX. A lot of people are saying it's just a rebadged HD 650 for half the price.
  2. lol I was looking into this a few days ago and passed. This was my brief research:

    They *were* a cheap alternative for $500 headphones. But in 2021 the price difference is only about $100. Also, the original isn't rated that great in the first place..


    Basically the Apple over the ear headphone is where all the hype is now. Looking for wired headphones has gotten really difficult.
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    Not rated that great? The HD 650s have long been considered some of the best audiophile headphones, up there with the HD 600s and 800s. I'm looking for good sound quality and for something to use with my desktop PC with an amp. Bluetooth sounds like ass. Rtings is weird. Most of their reviews look like they were generated by a bot. Nobody buys headphones like this for commuting or for use while playing sports. lol.

    Anyway you're right. They're within about $100, and everyone says the headband is crappier, warranty sucks (it's through massdrop whatever that is, not Sennheiser), they come with a cheaper cable that's too short and needs to be replaced right away, and they take a long time to ship, sometimes months according to what I'm reading. I guess mass drop buys things in bulk shipments and ships them all at once, but you can wait a long time for those shipments to come in. Also read some rumors that the HD 6XX is made with B-grade drivers that don't make the cut for the 650. I'm thinking it might be worth it to spend more and get the real ones on Amazon. I think the HD 6XX made more sense a few years ago when the 650s were $400-500. With them being $300 they make less sense.

    Edit: We ordered the 650. Wife wanted a big gift to give me for Christmas and that would actually be here in time.
  4. lol not gonna lie I just saw a lot of red scores. and only one green score. No idea what the hell "neutral sound" even is so it looked like garbage to me.

    But if you like it why get some generic over a $100?

  5. Josh Valour is one of the main guys I check on if I'm shopping for a headset.
  6. Don’t you already have the HD600? I heard they were pretty similar. Plenty of people saying the HD650s need to be recabeled as well. Not sure if I buy into that or not.

    I really like Grado headphones. Grado is the opposite of Sennheiser. Easy to power and in your face. Great for vocals and rock.
  7. Creative still has the advantage of being sold in computer technology stores. I think they are an example of the brand name being worth more than the products they make. Not that there is anything wrong with the product but there is a lot of competition out there and most millennial PC gamers or older will still recognize the brand and associate it without premium PC sound. I was interested in the X3 and X7.
  8. the x7 has long legs with its versatility. I'm probably going to have this until it dies via driver issues.

    creative has been in the Bluetooth audio and soundbar business for the past few years.. not sure how that's going for them.

    I do like they still dabble in experimental stuff though. like their outrageous Sonic carrier soundbar they debuted a few years ago
  9. LOL I feel like me shitting on those headphones got him to rage buy!!!

    They are a shittier version of Monoprice. You have to get in on the "drop". After X amount of people prepay they get the OEM to produce what is essentially a storebrand "drop" version of the product.

    I'm not an audiophile but most Massdrop products are rated poorly in the long run. Don't let the short term YT reviews fool you. They have a defective $250 Drop CTRL keyboard they sell that's knowningly defective.

    I don't believe in the prepay/kickstarter model. I want to buy ready made products.
  10. I’ve been hoping to land an ad1000x on Massdrop but their notification system is shit. I don’t believe its special version or anything but they only pop up every few years.
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    Yes. I own the 555, 570, 599SE, 600, and now 650. I guess I'm a collector. Lol.

    The most surprising headphone of the bunch is the 555s. I think they were like 80 bucks back in the day, but they sound expensive. I actually think they sound a little better than the 570s or 599s.


    That was the impression I got of massdrop. The crowd funded generic versions may not be up to the quality of the original.
  12. What will you do with these? I guess I'm a casual headphone user looking for the best all around set. The RTINGS review basically said they have sound bleeding out. That means no meetings. It doesn't do noise cancellation. Not that I need it but for that price I should have it. I don't mind my airpods pro but they don't last a full day. I'd be okay with AirPods Pro quality but wired.
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    Music, movies, and games at night when my wife and son are in bed.
  14. The AD900 are still my daily PC headphone even after the first pair electrocuted me twice. The first time was interesting. The second time might have caused some drain bramage. Love the AirPod Pros for their functionality, call quality and voice pass through is awesome, but the music quality is still meh.
  15. I didn’t realize headphones could shock you. How does that happen?
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    I’ve never heard of it happening either. The AD900 have larger than average metal drivers that tend to touch the ears. It’s possible it was the amp. I think I tossed it with the headphones. It zapped me good and the odds of me figuring it out and fixing it weren’t great.

    I considered it might have been a static shock caused by the chair on the carpet and with the metal drivers on the ears being part of the grounding path to the outlet but I’m not sure.
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    The 650s sound like a smoother 600. I think I like them more than the 600s. The 600s are probably great if you are composing music because they are so neutral. The 650s are better for actually listening to music.

    The Soundblaster G6 is a monster. Above about 20 on the volume knob and your ears would probably bleed. I have no idea what headphones would need this much power to drive. It almost seems like overkill. It sounds great though. It's definitely a big step up from onboard audio.
  18. Holy crap! That name is a blast from the past. Sound Blaster Live 5.1!
    Edit: I checked the website and the Sound Blaster Audigy cards are still around!

    I've been on a bit of a spending spree maybe I'll explore audio gear next. Is the Logitech Pro X in any way comparible to the headphones you guys talk about?
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    Not comparable at all. You're comparing a shitty gaming headset to audiophile headphones.
  20. Hmm... I might get those $300 headphones next billing cycle. Is there a good <$100 DAC? I assume the plug is the bigger guitar amp size?