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  1. That's very cool to hear you managed to find a pair of those. I would agree with that statement, that they're the best entry into audiophile headphones. There is even a modification you can do to them down the road. You can get Brainwavz earpads for them, some specific ones that fit them, some people claim this improves the bass response or something like that. Anyway, too bad it didn't improve your CounterStrike skills haha. If I have to recommend a game by the way, Guardians of the Galaxy has an awesome soundtrack, so consider that game at some point if you wanna put those headphones through the ringer.
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  2. I wouldn't trust the virtual surround setting with competitive games. It's probably fun for single player and movies but I doubt its accurate in CS:GO.

    I bought a Wireless ModMic for my AD900. It's a wireless rechargeable USB mic that can attach to any headphones. Haven't actually tried it yet.