Hobo With A Shotgun

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by khaid, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Rutger Hauer... why are you always so twisted.
  2. That looks totally awesome. I love Rutger Hauer, and I love 70s style exploitation flicks.
  3. Um I'm intrigued I guess.
  4. I love the manhole cover around his neck. I think it gives it that extra something special.

    This is looking like what Machete should have been, but wasn't. Machete was a great trailer, but the movie itself sucked balls. I think the main problem with Machete was that Danny Trejo can't act to save his life and has no charisma. He's cool as a supporting character when he doesn't have to open his mouth, but he couldn't carry the movie.

    Hobo With a Shotgun is up on the torrent sites so maybe I'll give it a watch.
  5. Wait, this film is for real?
  6. To be perfectly honest, this movie looked like shit from the begining. The trailer was horrible and uninteresting and I assume the same of the movie.
  7. Looks awesome. I'm going to watch it.
  8. I've always loved ott gore so although this film looks terrible I think I'd enjoy watching it.
  9. I can't believe they greenlighted this script instead of mine...'Stripper with a Flamethrower'.
  10. I would watch that as long as she is sexy.
  11. Didin't you see? He said stripper. Got to be better than this film I saw a few years ago, Nurse with a knuckleduster.
  12. You still get some dirty looking strippers you know.
  13. Huh? This looks awesome. The manhole decapitation alone makes it an instant classic.
  14. Nah, even moderate levels of gore in movies are off putting for me. Odd though since I really don't give two fucks about the amount of gore in videogames; for example I love the Gears franchise, yet I can't sit through I final destination movie without wanting to throw-up.
  15. Whoops, I went to add something to my previous post and accidentally selected reply.

    Well to make this not a complete waste, I really don't see what's so appealing about a hobo with a shotgun even if the gore was removed.
  16. I don't think you quite understand. It's HOBO, with a SHOTGUN. What's not to love? So did you not like Starship Troopers then? I loved that film simply because it was so gory. I lovez teh gory.
  17. You know what, I actually enjoyed Star ship troopers. It is the only gory movie I can stand. Simply because it's so good... even if it lacks the books defining feature; power armour.
  18. This movie was awesome. Lots of dark humor, over the top violence, and camp.

    It felt like an actual grindhouse film instead of just an homage to grindhouse films.
  19. Damn strait it's good.
  20. That is until you watch the DTV sequels...fuck me they're awful.