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    I read something that seemed both brilliant and stupid at the same time. Those USB ports on the router will power a small USB fan. Some people will rubber band one to the router and blow air into the vents.
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    Got my Slingbox set up but I had to do SD. I didn't realize my cable box didn't have any HD output. I might call and see if I can swap it for another.
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    The Nighthawk has excellent range on the 5ghz band that's actually better than the range I had on the 2.4ghz on my old router. It works well even outside my house. Sitting on my back porch I have excellent signal strength and a link speed of 390Mbps. Inside the house it's more like 550-866 Mbps depending on where I am. No dropped connections, latency spikes, or other flakiness like on the Dark Knight. In conclusion, the 5ghz is much better on newer routers. People with N or first gen AC routers should consider upgrading.
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    Haha this is the 2nd time a bunch of us upgraded routers as a group. We should look into volume discounts next time. I give it 2 years before having to upgrade again.
  5. Might be relevant for you. I setup my Dark Knight with PIA credentials in the OpenVPN section, then connected as an AP to the NightHawk. It passes through the VPN without having to bother with PIA software or the 5 device limit.

    Only got it working wired at the moment... I'm trying to get wifi SSID with 24/7 VPN. Need to figure out the router commands to duplicate the software 'kill switch' too.

    All in all, a solid repurposing of the old router.
  6. I'm thinking I might put my Dark Knight outside and use it as an extender.
  7. Like I said, it overheats while torrenting. I'm pretty sure it would be useless for OpenVPN. The Nighthawk X6 is all the router I need.
  8. So I'm visiting the in laws for a few weeks and they have a pretty crappy N router that doesn't reach outside. I'm debating whether to replace the router or buy an extender. I kind of hate to replace the router because theirs has worked for years without any issues. So I'm leaning towards an extender. Anyone have luck with those?
  9. I had gret luck with the Asus ea-66 with my old drak knight. Haven't needed it with the new router.
  10. I think I'll get the TP-LINK TL-WA860RE. It has a power outlet pass through which could be useful. I have no idea where it will be placed yet.

  11. So the router was worse than I thought. It's 8 years old and the wireless range is literally 10 feet. We put the extender about 3 feet away from it and now that pretty much covers the whole house. I'm getting a new router anyway as the current one has a 8 connection limit. Even a new $20 router will typically allow 10,000 connections.
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  13. I think the Linksys E1200 will be fine. Their bluray player is the only wireless device they have and the 1200 is powerful enough for when guest visit.
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  15. Weirdest bundle I've ever seen. Especially since it's the PS4 version. Why isn't it the pc version?
  16. The PC version was recalled on Steam when everyone said it was horrible and demanded refunds. It's supposed to be re-released in the fall.
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  18. At least we can get refunds when something sucks. Not sure how it is in Europe, but in the US once console games are opened, all sales are final. No retailers will take them back. You can trade them back in at Gamestop, but you won't get anything close to retail price.
  19. I haven't returned a game in years. Came close after playing monsly's suggested Earth Defence Force for ASB extended period though.

    Found this from Game, our national game store.