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  1. I upgraded to 1 Gbps internet... and so this issue has come up again. Once again WiFi looks like it's not a good option. I looked into Moca 2.5 but that will deliver 1Gbps to one shared port. I feel like selling and buying a new house with ethernet runs lol.

    Is there a good option to do this in 2020? Any idea how much residential cable runs cost? I see YouTubers with full data runs to patch panels on each floor. But they never show the "whole" picture.
  2. I just did it the lazy way and pinned the Ethernet cable to the walls in places you don’t see easily
  3. i also have 1gbps internet, but my ass is lazy so i just kept myself on my netgear x6 wifi.
  4. I don't know what American houses are like, is it that difficult to pull up a few floorboards and run underneath?

  5. Are you trying to get 1 Gbps to a single PC? Did you get new hardware with the Internet upgrade? I can get 300 Mbps to my PC with a AC1300 card.

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    Not an option in the typical American house. Most have tile or carpet with a solid subfloor. Wood flooring is rare. You usually have to run through the attic and the walls. Can get tricky and expensive. My attic is extremely cramped. When I had my AC and plumbing redone the guys working up there had a hell of a time.
  7. Turns out Verizon guy didn't install it the way I wanted. The FIOS modem was not in bridge mode, it was acting like a router going to the WAN port of my Nighthawk router. The cool thing was I didn't even have to set the FIOS equipment to bridge. I was able to remove it altogether and plug directly into the Nighthawk. That fixed all the problems I was having.

    But I'm still not getting the 1Gbps speed and top out at 400Mbps wired. I decided the check the rest of his work. Looks like he ran Cat5e cables and I've read you need Cat6 for 1Gbps?

    I really wish I was here to supervise the install. The dude ran cable behind wall, seems so short sighted to not use the correct cabling. I'm not sure I want to even attempt to try to fix it myself.
  8. Cat5e can attain 1Gbps. Cat6 is rated at 10Gbps. Update your PC NIC drivers? Can you hook a laptop up to the same cable and test the speed?
  9. He could live in a mansion and have a really long run? If it is just bog standard UTP Cat5e and it is close to power etc it could be getting some interference. Saying that I have a 50m run of Cat5 (no E) running 1Gbps in an office. The switch bitches from time to time about packets dropping but it mostly works, mostly.

    Cat6a and Cat7 are fully shielded out of the box and you don't have to worry about UTP/FTP/SFTP etc so I always recommend people buy those now to just future proof themselves.
  10. I've also read that Realtek NICs can have worse throughput than Intel. I'm not sure which one his motherboard would have, but testing with another PC or getting a $30 Intel PCIe NIC card might be a good test.
  11. know supersonic, he's probably on his athlon 64
  12. I actually have a Compaq laptop from 2002 that has a Athlon 64. It still runs like a champ

    The double routing was causing problems. But now everything is running smooth and I got super lazy.
  13. Old Compaq business notebooks were built like brick shithouses. I have one that my dad stole from Enron when he got laid off. Still works. Even has an Enron logo sticker on it, lol.
  14. How do you guys setup SSIDs?

    I have the default of 3 ID2.4, ID5-1, ID5-2?

    Should I make them all the same?
  15. I just upgraded my Comcast internet plan from 300Mbps to 1000Mbps given it was almost the same price with a 1-year promotion. Any recommendations for a good 1Gb cable modem? It looks like they are sending me a Technicolor CGM4331COM cable modem to rent from them while I try to figure out what to buy. They're going to charge me $25/ month for that, so it seems like it would be better long term to just buy one.
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    Netgear CM1000 or CM1200


    Kind of a late answer but I have two SSIDs on my network. One for 2.4ghz and one for 5ghz.
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  17. My SSIDs have always been named after the DHARMA Initiative stations in Lost. I have one for 2.4ghz and one for 5ghz. I leave the Guest SSID off.
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  18. I've always stuck with the Arris Surfboards. Comcast supports them and I've never had any issues. You can get a list of supported equipment here. I also know they support more than whats on the list.

  19. i think supersonic is pondering on whether to use smart connect.

    i turned it off and used separate ssid's for all of the bands. so, three just like you. i've noticed that a lot of 5ghz devices will stack up on the r 5ghz-1 band rather than the 5ghz-2 band even if they are capable of it on smart connect.
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    Needing to also buy a separate router is a bit of a risk for me given most seem to be loaded with cat enticing antennae. I'd hate to buy a $150 router and have that little clawbeast destroy it while I'm at work. He doesn't seem to bother box-shaped electronics like a console, cable modem, or receiver but anything that protrudes like an antenna is probably a target.

    Do you get decent wi-fi range with the Arris Surfboards? I read to avoid the Puma chipsets and be wary of the wi-fi range.

    Is this the best one to get for 1Gbps?