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  1. My Surfboard is just the modem. I have a separate ASUS RT-AC68W router. I like to keep things separated. I also tend to replace routers way more than modems.
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    Stay away from puma based modems. Had to return an arris surfboard one. Had major problems that became apparent when trying to torrent or play multiplayer games. As far as I know the Netgear modems don't use the puma chipset, which is why I was recommending them.
  3. Netgear and Motorola look the most appealing, but I'm uneasy about buying a separate router due to a destructive pet. I may try the $299 Arris if it doesn't have the Puma chips. If it just lasts a year, that's the same price as the $25/ month rental Comcast is charging me for their modem.

    This modem/ router combo looks awesome, but the price is a bit excessive:
  4. I hadn't heard of this so I had to check it out. Here is the list of modems with Puma chips.

    ARRIS CM3200
    ARRIS DG1660
    ARRIS DG1670
    ARRIS DG2460
    ARRIS DG2470
    ARRIS DG3260
    ARRIS DG3270
    ARRIS DG3450
    ARRIS SB6190
    ARRIS SBG6950AC2
    ARRIS SBG7400AC2
    ARRIS SBG7600AC2
    ARRIS SBG8300
    ARRIS SBV2402
    ARRIS SBV3202
    ARRIS T25
    ARRIS TG1652
    ARRIS TG1662
    ARRIS TG1672
    ARRIS TG1682
    ARRIS TG2472
    ARRIS TG3452
    ARRIS TM1602
    ARRIS TM3402
    ASUS CM-32
    Hitron CDA3
    Hitron CDA3-35
    Hitron CGN3
    Hitron CGNM-2250
    Hitron (CGNM) CGNM-2252
    Hitron CGNVM-2559
    Hitron CGNM-3550
    Hitron CGNM-3552
    Hitron CGNVM-3580
    Hitron CGNVM-3582
    Hitron CGNVM-3589
    Hitron CODA-45
    Hitron CODA-4502
    Hitron CODA-4580
    Hitron CODA-4582
    Hitron CODA-4589
    Hitron CODA-46
    Hitron CODA-4602
    Hitron CODA-4680
    Hitron CODA-4682
    Hitron CODA-4689
    Hitron CODA-47
    Hitron CODA-4702
    Hitron CODA-4780
    Hitron CODA-4782
    Hitron CODA-4789
    Linksys CG6350
    Linksys CG7500
    Linksys CM3016
    Linksys CM3024
    NETGEAR C6300-100NAS
    NETGEAR C6300v2
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    Is your cat a climber? My son loves playing with the antennae on my router. I ended up putting it up on top of a bookshelf so it would be out of reach. Might be an option depending on your furniture situation.

    Generally getting a separate router and modem is a better way to go. It's rare to find one device that's good at doing both things.
  6. There are a few routers without external antenna. ASUS Blue Cave AC2600.

  7. Yeah, he's good at leaping and climbing. I've found him on the kitchen window sill several times, which is probably at least 4.5 ft high and only a few inches wide. The only place I haven't found him yet is probably on top of the refrigerator. He's a lot more trouble than I expected. He climbs everything and even gets into boxes and bags of things I've stored. I found a huge screw in his food dish he apparently pried out of a storage bin of extra parts. I'd be afraid to see an x-ray of that cat's stomach.
  8. Do yourself a favor and don't buy a modem/router combo. You'll be jumping into a situation everyone else is trying to get out of. You WANT a dumb modem attached to a capable router. The less features on the modem the better.
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    The cable company provided modem/router combo things are especially bad. Like supersonic said you are trying to buy something that most people want to get away from.
  10. I just ordered 1 Gig service from my city. I'm not sure if I actually need it or if I'll even notice the difference but the price was about the same as Comcast's 500Mbps.
  11. So question for yall. I got the 1 gig fiber connection installed. When I connect my laptop directly into the provider router I only get about 300 down and 700 up. The technician had tested it earlier the same day and says he was getting 1 gig up and down. Is there something wrong with my testing method? I seem to get the best speeds through https://www.att.com/support/speedtest/. Do the online speed test sites support 1 gig tests? Is it possible my semi old Dell Precision 3510 laptop doesn't support full gigabit speed? I can't get my main rig near the router so I'm kind of limited on devices that still have a physical 10/100/1000 nic.
  12. Can you skip the router and test directly at the jack? On FiOS their router is significantly slower than their NID.
  13. It's fiber to their router and I connected to their router. Can't get any closer.
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    sorry about the late reply bfun. there's actually an easier proper solution to find the problem. download att smart home manager to your phone/tablet and run the speed test on that. it'll run a proper speed test that goes from the ont to your gateway. if it has proper gigabit speeds then you know the problem is coming elsewhere

    this is the way supersonic suggested for you to test it. and of course, i'm assuming you have att fiber....
  15. I should clarify. I don't use AT&T. My provider is called Connexion. It looks like the AT&T app needs an account number to use it. I'll probably call Connexion on Monday and see if they can test it again.
  16. I've been spending all day looking for a new router. I didn't realize how difficult this would be. Trendnet has the best parent control option but their routers tend to underperform.
  17. Netgear Nighthawk X6

    Best, most trouble free router I’ve ever owned
  18. Dude.. it's the wild west out there. I just wanted to check out what's new a few months ago. The market seems so fragmented I just gave up. Mesh routers, Wifi6, etc.

    A couple years ago, you found out in seconds that the Nighthawk X6 was the router to get. I'm still rocking it and agree with @cmdrmonkey would recommend.
  19. nighthawk x6 so awesome that we all have one and i bought 3 of them... no, really i did. first one died. bought a second one, and then bought a third for 50% off just in case my second one dies.

    a feature that it came with was DLNA which the recent firmwares kill off, but that's my only complaint about it. until wifi6 routers get this solid, i'm sticking with this router.
  20. @bfun you're a networking guy from work right?

    In my quest for home 10Gb internet I've come across the company called MikroTik. The "IT Youtubers" rave about them. They make Cisco equivalent enterprise hardware for cheaper than Netgear consumer stuff like the Nighthawk.


    It's waaaay outside my wheelhouse and requires like text based configuration. But if you're a network engineer you may feel right at home.