How do you carry your phone?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bfun, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. In your pocket
    In a holster
    Somewhere else

    I keep mine in my pocket but it's always so buried in crap it's difficult to reach and sometimes I accidentally answer it before I even get it out of my pocket.
  2. pocket. i dont like carrying alot of stuff in pockets, so i literally only have a wallet in my rear pocket, keys on my right pocket, phone in my left. if i'm wearing a jacket, i always put my phone in my jacket pocket.
  3. Where do you keep you money? I hope it's not your wallet. That's the first place a thief would look!

    I have two phones on me and badges so it's gets a little crowded. Sometimes my two phones make out and start calling people. My work phone dials 911 all the bleeming time. It's seriously annoying because I can hear them in my pocket. Are you Okay!!! Why does it do this you ask? Because it's locks and when it's locked it lets you do two things. Enter a password or dial 911. Stupid.
  4. ouch, that's a huge problem. do you have a required dress code for work? if not, wear cargo pants/shorts. those multi-pockets are a splendid.

    i do keep my moneys in my wallet. but i don't really carry much, if any cash on me.
  5. I've often been mocked for my casual work attire. I'm fortunate to work in a building full of scientist who play in mud. They don't care what I wear so it's cargo shorts and sandals for me. The pockets do help but eventually I'll go back to jeans and that's a pain. I haven't been able to find any cargo pants but I keep looking.
  6. Phone left pocket, wallet right pocket. In the summer this gives me a problem as I also have my keys but if I am going to work they go in my bag. I like winter as July coat gives me more places to put things and my keys are usually top left pocket near my breast!
  7. I keep my wallet (oversized passport case xD) in my front pocket, if I have keys on me (don't drive) I keep them away from my phone so as not to dent it... I keep my phone in another pocket... I just have a lot of pockets.

    @bfun polo shirts maybe?? or hidden bat-pocket in your underwear?? money-clip?
  8. Phone and keys right pocket, baccy and stuff left pocket and wallet in my back pocket. Always have always will.
  9. Don't the keys scratch the phone?
  10. The pockets often change because of work uniform/casual clothes/ skate clothes but the mantra at the front door is still the same "fone,fags,wallet 'n' watch......KEYS!" And then I'm ready.....once I've patted my chest for my work i.d. that is.
  11. I do exactly the same thing except mine is 'keys, phone, wallet, iPod'. Everyday without fail before I leave the house I say these 4 words to myself and I haven't forgotten anything yet.
  12. I carry my phone in my pocket like any other sane person would.
  13. The use of a phone holster, even for work, should be punishable by stoning.
  14. See I would have thought you would be an advocate of such a thing. I still imagine you have a leather flip case for your iPhone.
  15. Nah, I just keep my phone in my top pocket. My iPhone screen use to worry me but after nearly 3 years it doesn't have a scratch on it.
  16. I used to keep mine there but Mrs Grim kept telling me off, I think she thinks it will give me breast cancer. Of course in my pocket near my groin is much safer.
  17. I meant my keys go with baccy, although sometimes I do put them with the phone. It is an old phone so I don't care if the back gets scratched.
  18. That all sounds a bit sinister to me.
  19. I have a case for my Samsung Galaxy S, but I usually leave it off. I like how thin and light it is, and I think the case ruins that.
  20. Used to do that and then one day I bent over and the phone slipped out without me noticing. Found it in the yard the next morning thoroughly soaked.