How much email do you get?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bfun, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. I average about 150 emails every day. Today I have 146 and the day isn’t over yet.
  2. To my gmail account about 10. At work anything up to 40, most people call if they have am issue as they expect an instant fix.

    Obviously I get tons of spam but that is filtered out.
  3. I get about 100 work, 50 private, and I just counted 57 emails in my spam folder.
  4. Usually 30-40 at home and 15-25 at work on average. Plenty of advertising that I quickly junk at home, but it's at least from companies that I do buy things from. Very little true spam anymore.
  5. I don't even count what I get in my hotmail account anymore. In my gmail account, probably less than 10 a day.
  6. I have to sign up for newsletters to get anything. I get Realage, Groupon, Texas Rangers Newsletter and obviously any message board alerts too. Oh and baseball season I have my fantasy team(s) (alerts from Yahoo fantasy) And a shit ton of password reminders. I save the welcome email to any site I register... but I'm too lazy to put them in folders, they litter my inbox lol.

    ... to answer the question I probably get like 15 a week. 10 of which are from newsletters, the rest are like youtube/ twitter alerts and so on. Not the busiest e-mail. I have facebook going to my text so that's that...
  7. I've been using yahoo since around 2000. Never really paid it much heed until I got an iPhone. Now I keep on top of things instead of having to delete 150 messages every few months. I mainly get messages from YouTube or twitter telling me someone's replied to me, that and a bunch of crap I just delete like promos and such.
  8. My Hotmail is probably in the thousands at the moment. I can never be bothered to delete it.
  9. Hotmail is easy to manage for spam. You just put your junk email filter to exclusive and bam, you're done. Everything goes to junk unless you marked it safe or it's from someone on your contact list.

    On gmail, I just set labels for stuff I want to organize and/or set for mass deletion. Creating filters for auto-labels is simple.
  10. I had a Hotmail account (which I believe is still connected to my xbox live) and it was unmanageable. I would receive nearly 100 messages a day and sorting through for what was actually mine was unbearable.

    I tried to block everyone but those on my contacts list, but as a home business owner that works rather poorly.

    I then switched to gmail and its spam filtering is almost flawless for me, I receive 5-25 emails a day which are actually aimed to me. I probably receive about 5-10 spam emails in my junk folder and they are quickly deleted.
  11. I started using Opera's email last April and all I get is email from friends & co-workers. No spam at all. And it's quick and it supports IMAP.