Human Breast Milk Ice Cream

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    What are your thoughts? I'm going with gross, considering the kinds of things that can be transmitted through breast milk, like hepatitis, HIV, and whatever drugs the mother is taking. Also, I'm sure you could milk a dog, or a chimp, or a rat too and turn it into ice cream, and it would be just as disgusting. Mammals other than cows and goats aren't meant to be milked.
  2. it's british mang.
  3. Of course it is. Only they could think of something so vile.
  4. I think disgusting too, but then again it may be nice. There was a time when everyone thought cow and goats milk was disgusting but look how that turned out.

    Baby's turn out fine 99% of the time by drinking it.
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  6. They've had a breast milk bar already, the only new thing about this is that it's ice-cream.

    I'd try it, but mainly because rusks are the best biscuit ever.
  7. The only way I would do this is if it's Monica Bellucci
  8. Not to be too crude but I have accidentally tried the stuff in its liquid form and wasn't a fan!
  9. (Cleveland Voice) 0h thats Nasty!

    when I saw the title I instantly thought Heston Blumenthal had come up with some new weird recipe or something.
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  11. I would not put it past the fecker. He will create something out of nothing food wise.
  12. Its been confiscated by Westminster council.
  13. I don't know why I find the idea wrong, I just do.
  14. You don't like boodies?
  15. Haha, boodies lol. No I'm a breast guy so naturally I love boodies as you put it I don't think I'd be comfortable with eating ice cream made using the milk from (most likely) some old dog. If it was Kelly Brook's milk I might reconsider.
  16. Why are you guys saying boodies? That in itself is more disturbing than the topic.
  17. You gota mix the chocolate syrup with that shiz.