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  1. I caught this guy staring at me.

  2. So is that a red-tail hawk or something else? Hard to tell from that angle. Looks a little falcon-ish as well.
  3. You a twitcher now bfun?
  4. I'm no bird expert but I think Red Tail Hawks are what live in my area. My neighborhood is over run with rabbits so they tend to hang out here. The other day I found a bunch of guts and skin all tied around my wire fence Hannibal Lecter style. I have no idea how that happened. Maybe it fell from the sky. Here is a picture of it's head from the side.


    I had to look that one up. Since I shot this picture from the comfort of my kitchen I don't think I qualify.
  5. It is looking rather healthy.
  6. I'll post these just to make monsly itchy. This stuff is all going to ebay.


    Look! It's the rare Metroid II which goes for $12! The dot matrix screen looks as crappy as the day I got it.

  7. You never sent me those PC games bfun. This latest outrage doesn't help.
  8. I couldn't find a reasonable way to do it. Shipping was like $86 and that's just for empty boxes and manuals. Only a few actually still had disks. If you really want to pay for it and I suggest you don't I'll make it happen. All stacked the weight is 3KG 303x254x200mm.
  9. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
  10. I am tempted bfun, very tempted. Will run the figures later and get back to you, may have to sell some of my toddler's toys but it could happen yet.
  11. More twerking..er twiching.

  12. Got this one with my iPhone.

  13. This is my buddies Viper. The car on the left is the 662 HP Shelby Cobra he bought and had painted for his girlfriend.

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  14. I still play my Gameboy Micro (after seeing the gameboy original photos). - Luckily, got a flash card with every GBA games loaded onto it!
  15. Taken with my LG G4


    they need to take a basic course in discretion.
  17. I don't actually know whats in there but I don't think it's what you think it is. Or maybe it is what you're thinking but even if it is it's not what you're thinking.
  18. Are the gates and security cameras to keep vegans from stealing tomatoes?
  19. Were they filming a T-mobile commercial in there?
  20. This is one picture and not 4 put together.