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  1. He still looks like a homeless person though.
  2. Have you been living under a rock? He's been like this since king kong
  3. I'm not up to date with the weight battles of people I haven't heard of in like 8 years lol.
  4. I like how you posted it yet play it off like you don't care :)
  5. I was merely defending my lack of knowledge on celebrities' weights after disclosing that the information which I'm now told is common knowledge came as a surprise to me kind sir.
  6. I actually thought peter jackson was still a fatty too.
  7. I believe he's fat again. Or at least he was on the video diary for the hobbit I watched the other day..piled it back on from the look of him although nowhere near what he was.
  8. I bet he's just wearing looser fitting clothes, the first pic of him had him in a T-shirt for god's sake! Fat men should NEVER wear T-shirts!!
  9. What should they wear then? Leotards?
  10. how about polo shirts? that dinner jacket and dress shirt had to be very roomy. I'm sure he lost a pound or two maybe he did lose alot! but in my general opinion I don't see the evidence right here.
  11. Have you seen his face? That's one gaunt looking Gollum face. He lost loads of weight before filming king kong. Jack black commented about it.
  12. I don't know what that means... english DO YOU SPEAK IT??

    Anyway I guess Jack Black would know... I was just looking at his face in the two shots and I didn't see much of a difference.
  13. [​IMG]

    He lost 23 kg! 23! If I lost that much, I'd be dead!
  14. deffinitely looks thinner in those pics, in the other one it just looked like he hid it better
  15. Schindler's Lift lol.

  16. I ams in DS9!

  17. Wow. Best looking MineCraft mod ever.
  18. I... Don't get it.
  19. I don't see how that's a possible Minecraft mod... unless they made a whole new engine that'd make UE3 cringe. But if so... I may just make a minecraft account lol