I like pictures

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  1. lol I wish I could make that my wallpaper it's tres bien!!
  2. everybody know's sonic's for hire... only I thought he'd only accept gold rings.
  3. Most stores no longer accept rings as payment for goods and services, the exchange rate is terrible.
  4. It seems Chaos Rings for iOS approves of the theory of evolution.

  5. Took this last night.

  6. That's a mighty fine photo. What camera did you use?
  7. is that mars? there's two suns!
  8. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5. It's a nice little camera that fits in my pocket.

  9. saw that on facebook and someone said there was a baby infant one that's absolutely gruesome.
  10. you're gonna make arma rage with that
  11. I don't know what that is besides a ridiculous resolution. Is it the Witcher?
  12. This one is pretty weird. I despise baby showers. I may volunteer to buy the next baby shower cake. This would make things interesting:

  13. ugh it's worse than I'd imagined lol
  14. Actually I thought it was The Witcher but it looks to be guild wars 2. bfun needs to fix that ridiculously small resizing issue with photobucket and use a real image host.. unless he resized it himself.
  15. It's Guild Wars 2. What image host should I use?
  16. Use http://imgur.com it's the hot shit now.