I need a Blu-ray player

Discussion in 'Technology' started by bfun, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. So one of the reason I got the PS3 was because I needed a Blu-ray player. Now I need a second player and I'm wondering if I should just get another PS3 or get a dedicated machine. I don't know what the prices are like but I need something with wireless and Netflix streaming. Is the PS3 still a good choice?
  2. if you find a coby brand blu-ray player... i hear they are da best
  3. I had the same dilemma and just ended up getting another PS3 slim.
  4. As it is I often move the PS3 around so getting a second one might be a good idea. It looks like a good player cost about $150 which is half as much as the PS3. Decisions.

    Got to be better the Philips. Everything Philips dies on me in about a year.
  5. The PS3 does a lot more than a standalone player. It's closer to an HTPC. And unlike some of the standalone players, you can rest assured it will always get updates.
  6. I got a PS3 free with my 40" Bravia TV and a Sony Blu-Ray player with my 46"Bravia TV. I haven't used the dedicated blu-ray player ever since my PS3 is perfect in every way.
  7. I got a PS3 slim for downstairs, with the idea to use it as a bluray player. The extra stuff you get makes it totally worthwhile; the support for TV on demand like iPlayer is a nice bonus and PlayTV can be useful too. Hell, I'd probably buy a third one for the living room if it didn't output Scart RGB picture in green screen and was region free for DVDs. The green screen thing is such a joke. Can't believe they did that.
  8. What's this about a green screen? Mine doesn't do this to my knowledge.
  9. If your PS3 is connected via RGB Scart then DVD playback will be all green. How is your PS3 connected?
  10. I used my ps3 to play a family guy dvd on my shitty def tv the other week. I used the old scart red white and yellow set up. Worked fine. The dvd playback also worked just fine with the HDMI set up. No green screen here.
  11. That's not RGB scart, you nooooob. That's composite, one of the shittest of all connections possible.
  12. At least I can watch my dvds in proper colour :)
  13. So can I. I've got 2 HDTVs with no problem and RGB scart connected HDD recorder that runs DVDs fine. I think the issue here has been you've confused HDMI and composite connections with RGB scart somehow. Perhaps you've been sniffing the swamp gas again.
  14. What's confusing me is this. When I plug my xbox into a hd tv I use connectors that are coloured thusly, Red Green and Blue or RGB if you will. I have to select the option on my tv called composite for this to work. So as far as I know RGB is composite, whereas whenever I've connected a console to a shitty dev tv, be it PS1 or PS3 I use the standard Red White and Yellow cables or scart as I've always known them to be called. My tvs must have been lying to me all this time.
  15. The red White and yellow cables aren't SCART. SCART is the rectangular connection.

    You have been wrong all your life.
  16. Oh dear. Those red/green/blue HD connectors sound like component to me. The red/yellow/White sounds like composite, which is completely shitty versus a proper RGB Scart connection. I'm afraid your lack of AV knowledge has robbed you of a proper experience all these years and you should hang your head/self in shame.
  17. armadeadn has just provided me wonderful laughs this morning
  18. It's hard to believe that the PS3 is still one of the most useful media center tools available. 90% of the time mine is used for Blu-ray and streaming movies. I can't even think of another game that I would want to buy for it. Well maybe RD Undead Nightmare.
  19. You're just PC gaming focussed; there's loads of great PS3 games. I have opposite experience myself; my PC is hardly used for gaming at all - I tend to just dip for the games that really tempt me. Horses for courses and all that.
  20. I thought you said you lost your powercord? Suspicious...