I need a Blu-ray player

Discussion in 'Technology' started by bfun, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Nothing beats a well build HTPC, allthough much more expensive.
  2. I've considered that and I think managing it would be an issue in my house.
  3. If all you need is netflix and wireless than why don't you just get a media streamer?? for less than a BD player you get the opportunity to stream more than just Netflix.
  4. SonyStyle usually gives you $150 for signing up for a credit card. Can't beat the PS3 for $150.
  5. i just use a laptop with i3 cpu with the intel gma hd integ gpu, hdmi, with wireless n network.. hd movies for days.

    took care of my curiosity of bluray
  6. Amazon and Best Buy both have the PS3 for $300 + $50 gift card. That makes the PS3 pretty competitive with other Blu-ray players.
  7. My brother made off with my PS3... so I'm wonder what is the best option for getting a Blu-Ray player nowadays?

    Was thinking:
    a) BR-ROM via USB3 to HTPC
    b) standalone cheapo player

    Anybody have experience with BR-ROM and playback software?
  8. I went this route because my upscaling Oppo DVD player died and I don't like powering up the PS4 and swapping out the game disc just to watch a movie. My only advice would be to make sure the player has an an eject button built into the box itself, not just on the remote. I've currently got a Samsung cheapo Blu-ray and it's decent, but does make some noise when spinning the discs.
  9. Blu-ray players are only like $40-50 now. This doesn't make sense just to play movies.
  10. What about a PS3 slim (not super slim)? Should be cheap and they're pretty versatile.