I prefer my 360 to my PS3 :O

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  1. was reading the best graphics 2011 thread and saw that there was no love for the Xbox 360 So I felt compelled to make this thread to show my appreciation for it, I own both consoles and have only 6 PS3 games Compared to over 60 games For the Xbox.

    I also figured we needed more chatting in the Xbox thread and it would be nice to see other peoples opinions, even if they do mock me :D

    The reasons why I prefer the Xbox are as follows.

    1. Games are cheaper on the 360, In my area at least Xbox 360 games are often £5 or more cheaper for the same Multiplatform game brand new or secondhand, to me this is a gamewinner admittedly it doesn't sound like that much but if I had brought all the games I got on the 360 on the PS3 at £5 more a game (Unlikely but still possible) I would of spent an extra £300-ish and not got anything extra (In most cases) for my money

    2.Graphics on 99% of games are Negligible, when I look at screenshots for games I always think they look near enough Identical on both consoles so I don't feel I have to shell out extra money for slightly better looking games on the PS3.

    3. I prefer "Achievement points" to "Trophies"- I purchased my 360 before the PS3 so therefore I had more games on the 360 from the start and I have amassed a half decent number of points on the 360 whereas on the ps3 I have not. also some games on the ps3 don't even have Trophies. this is only a minor thing but I still feel it worth mentioning.

    4. I prefer the 360 controllers, again not a big point but it all helps to me the 360 game controllers feel well made (Unlike the actual console) and weighty wheras the PS3 controllers feel a bit flimsy and cheap in some places as well as the fact that the shoulder buttons are horrible on the PS3 controller.

    And finally the Big one, I don't/ Can't game online therefore the fact that Xbox Live costs money and The ps3 online gaming doesn't is of No concern for me, admittedly if I did play games online I would most likely Favor the PS3.
  2. WHAT did you just say?
  3. You get what you pay for with Xbox Live though. It's a nice slick interface that works well with all your games, movies, etc.. I might even like it better than Steam on PC. It's worth $36/year over the free PS3 network.

    The only thing that sucks about it is the annoying 11 year old internet gangsters. But I just quit using a headset altogether. To a lesser extent, I also dislike the revisions they do to Live.
  4. Oh no he didn't!, but yeah I did, Only voicing my opinion I'm sure you could come up with 100000000's of reasons why the PS3 is better of course...
  5. Well don't because its fucking worthless alright!
  6. Your title just screams Partiality, I don't think your QUIETLY anti Xbox anymore my friend ;)
  7. I played my XBOX 360 this week I will have you know. I felt like a complete scumbag all the while I was doing so but I gave it a chance. You should have heard it cough and splutter when it first came on, I think it had trouble dislodging the 10cm's of dust that had accumulated on all of its components.

    Also I HATE the new XBOX 360 boot sound, its rubbish. I got to hear it 3 times because it needed to do 2 updates as I haven't turned it on since they did the update that changed it all.
  8. I differ on opinion about the controllers, the battery pack on the 360 is really awkward for me and cramps up my fingers. I don't use wired unless I'm charging.

    @grim? I thought you kept your consoles in good nick? I miss the PS3 game boot up sounds and logo, what was the point of removing them?
  9. Gotta admit this post did make me chuckle, surely the 10Cm's of dust is surely your fault for using your 360 to prop up a wonky shelf. although I will admit that it does sound horrendous but I prefer to listen to the sound of the games on my 360 rather than the actual 360.
  10. Fixed to the truth :D
  11. I Know for a fact that the Xbox is better than the PC... well my crappy one anyways I can barely play chess titans on it!
  12. So you either install every game or you always have your TV volume at 100%?

    How you answer this question will determine the outcome of your personality examination I have been conducting so think wisely!

  13. I plug Headphones into my Tv? the one true surround sound system! :p
  14. Fixed it again:p
  15. you should work for the Mafia, there always in need of so called "Fixers"
  16. The hell? I agree that stuff like voice coms being clearer and party chat are advantages for live but the interface? I don't know about that. I find the menus pretty damn clunky but I'm not that use to it. The PS3 XMB seems fine to me; pretty slick and straightforward.
  17. Then let me have my PS3 back for free then? You still have not played all the quality PS3 exclusives to lodge a real choice on this matter. The Uncharted's and God of War for example.

    That said, PS3 needs a Europe and USA version of that Tales of Vesperia better version.
  18. We were saying the very same thing last week on PSN, Monsly called your brother some very nasty names for holding a console from you just so that you can't play with us.

    I used my 360 AGAIN this weekend to carry on with Fable, if I am not careful its bound to explode soon.
  19. Nah, Luke's in the right. He should start charging EXTRA and never play the PS3 just to spite phisix. That's what I'd do.
  20. I would got further than that, I would open up the PS3 and search for the component that caused me so much disdain and I would rip it out and burn it in the fires of Beelzebub at gas mark 9.